Resolution 66 (1998)1 on the situation of local and regional self-government in the Republic of Bulgaria

The Congress,

1. Having regard to the report on the situation of local and regional democracy in the Republic of Bulgaria, prepared by the two Rapporteurs Mr De Sabbata (Chamber of Local Authorities) and Mr Cuatrecasas (Chamber of Regional Authorities);

2. Welcoming the proposals contained in the report and the Recommandation No. 45 (1998);

resolves to:

3. Instruct the Working Groups on the situation of local democracy and on regionalisation to follow closely the factual implementation of the proposals set forth in the aforementioned Recommandation by the Bulgarian Authorities;

4. Reply positively, by all means at their disposal, to the possible demands submitted by the Bulgarian Authorities, in order to support their efforts aimed at introduction of a level of regional self-government in Bulgaria;

5. Invite the Chamber of Regions:

- to follow closely any initiatives concerning the creation of regional structures, and

- to depeen its co-operation with the interested national associations of Local and Regional Authorities in Bulgaria and to promote new and more efficient forms of inter-regional partnership between the European countries and the Republic of Bulgaria.

1 1. Debated by the Congress and adopted on 28 May 1998, 3rd sitting (see Document CG (5) 3 draft Resolution presented by Mr G. De Sabbata and L. Cuatrecasas, Rapporteurs).