T1 ROMACTED Memorandum of Understanding Template

Note: This template was used in the implementation of the programme in the Western Balkans and Turkey (2017 - 2020). The Memorandum was signed between the Council of Europe, Ministry in Charge of the implementation of the Strategy for Roma inclusion and respective municipalities.

Please adapt the model according to the signatory parties and their specific contribution in the programme.



(insert signatory parties)

The Memorandum of Understanding is concluded between the (insert signatory parties) within the implementation of ROMACTED Programme. The ROMACTED Programme is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe that is implemented in the Western Balkans and Turkey aimed at promoting good local governance and Roma empowerment at the local level.


Purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to provide a framework of cooperation and partnership between the above-mentioned parties for the purpose of implementing the ROMACTED Programme that is aimed at promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at the local level.


Recognising that the local authorities have a decisive role in realisation of measures to improve Roma status in the key priority areas such as citizens’ registration and access to judicial system, education and promotion of intercultural dialogue, employment and vocational education, healthcare, housing, urban integration and social protection, the Council of Europe has launched ROMACTED Programme in May of 2017. The Council of Europe will implement the programme with the support of and in cooperation with the (insert name of the ministry in charge) to address Roma problems, as well as the Action plan to solve the Roma problems the area of employment, housing and healthcare 2017-2020. Parties to this Memorandum of Understanding agree to cooperate and to work on the empowerment of local Roma communities, thus contributing to designing, implementing and monitoring of the projects and plans concerning them.

Duties of the partners

The partners shall respect the mutual roles and duties in line with appropriate legislative/legal frameworks and agree to jointly work in the true spirit of partnership, taking into consideration principles of EU Roma integration framework, as well as national and local priorities on the Roma social inclusion.

Main areas of cooperation

Activities in this context include, but are not limited to:


-          shall undertake to improve cooperation, mechanisms of regular communication, exchange of information and update on the ongoing activities

-          agree to hold annual meetings as to exchange the views about the development aspects of the ROMACTED programme implementation process.

The (insert signatory party) will:

-          provide political support, ensure visibility and support participation of your municipality in the ROMACTED Programme;

-          organise training and expert visits to the municipality, and support review of local policies from the perspective of good inclusive management and Roma community participation;

-          organise thematic events and study tours in line with the programme agreed with the cities and municipalities participating in the programme;

-          ensure human resources and funds, within the limits of its budget, for implementation of ROMACTED, particularly in terms of expert support, international coordination, experts’ visits and participation in the international events.

Signed in ______________ (insert place) on _____________ (insert date) between:

____________________ (insert signatory parties)