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Statement of Commitment

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Statement of Commitment by the Chief Executive or Equivalent


To our stakeholders:

I am pleased to confirm that [Organisation Name] affirms its support for the Council of Europe’s Guidelines to support equitable partnerships between the public and private sectors within education.

We furthermore support the guidelines contained in Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)10 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on developing and promoting digital citizenship education and encourage all policy makers to make its implementation a priority.

We support digital citizenship education understood here as the empowerment of learners of all ages through education and the acquisition of competences for active participation in our digital society to exercise and defend their democratic rights and responsibilities online and to promote and to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the cyberspace.

Our point of contact for all matters relating to the implementation of the Guidelines to support equitable partnerships between the public and private sectors within education is:
_____________________________________  ______________ (name / position)

Sincerely yours,

[Full name] [Title]

By signing the statement, we authorise the disclosure and publication of the information contained herein, including the use of our logo and information about our organisation that is attached to the statement. This authorisation extends to any form or medium, including publication on the Council of Europe's website, and the use of links to our website.

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