Strasbourg, 14 September 2018                                                  




Ad hoc CEPEJ working group entrusted with the harmonisation of the definitions used by CEPEJ

3rd meeting

11-12 September 2018

Meeting report

                                            Document prepared by the Secretariat      

                              Directorate General I - Human Rights and Rule of Law

A.        Introduction

1.         The ad hoc Working Group entrusted with the harmonisation the definitions used by CEPEJ held its 3rd meeting, in Paris (France), with Laetitia BRUNIN (France) in the chair.

2.         The list of participants is attached in Appendix to this report.

B.        Discussions

3.         The working Group continue the discussions held at its 1st and 2nd meetings according to the same methodology of reviewing each definition. The definitions concerning alternative dispute resolution methods are also examined thanks to the participation of an expert from the CEPEJ Working Group on Mediation (CEPEJ-GT-MED).

4.         The working group agrees to submit the draft glossary thus prepared (document CEPEJ (2018)2PROV5) for comments to the CEPEJ working groups (CEPEG-GT-EVAL, CEPEJ-GT-QUAL, CEPEJ-GT-MED, SATURN) at their next meetings to be held between September and November 2018.

5.         Depending on the extent of the amendments proposed by the working groups, a final meeting of the ad hoc group on definitions could then be held in January 2019 in order to finalise the draft glossary and submit it to the CEPEJ for adoption at its plenary meeting in June 2019.

6.         The working group warmly thanks Laetitia Brunin for her excellent welcome and the perfect organisation of this meeting.

Appendix I : List of participants

Joao ARSENIO DE OLIVEIRA, Head of Department, International Affairs Department, Directorate General for Justice Policy, Ministry of Justice, Av. D. Joao II, n° 1.08.01 E, Torre H, Pisos 2/3, 1990-097 Lisbon, PORTUGAL, Tel: + 351 21 792 40 30,

e-mail: jaoliveira@dgpj.mj.pt

Laetitia BRUNIN, Assistant to the Deputy Director of Statistics and Studies, General Secretariat, Ministry of Justice, Paris, FRANCE, e-mail : laetitia.brunin@justice.gouv.fr

Marco FABRI, Director, Research Institute on Judicial Systems, National Research Council (IRSIG-CNR), Via Zamboni 26, 40126 Bologna, ITALY, Tel: +39 051 237 044, e-mail: marco.fabri@irsig.cnr.it

Simone KREβ, Vice-President, Landgericht Köln, Luxemburger Str. 101, 50939 Köln, GERMANY, Tel: +49 221 477 2712, Tel: +49 221 477 2700,

e-mail: simone.kress@lg-koeln.nrw.de

Noel RUBOTHAM, Head of Reform and Development, Courts Service, Green Street Courthouse, Halston Street, Dublin, IRELAND, Tel: +353 1 88 86 761,

e-mail: noelrubotham@courts.ie

Jeremy TAGG, Mediation consultant, UNITED KINGDOM, e-mail: jerry.tagg@btinternet.com



Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DG I)

Division for the Independence and Efficiency of Justice

Direction Générale des Droits de l’Homme et Etat de droit (DG I)

Division pour l’indépendance et l’efficacité de la justice

E-mail: cepej@coe.int

Muriel DECOT, Co-Secretary of the CEPEJ / Co-secrétaire de la CEPEJ, Tél: +33 (0)3 90 21 44 55, e-mail : muriel.decot@coe.int

Christel SCHURRER, Secretary of the CEPEJ-GT-EVAL / Secrétaire du CEPEJ-GT-EVAL, Tél : +33 (0)3 90 21 56 97, e-mail: christel.schurrer@coe.int