AS/Ega/Inf (2022) 25

25 October 2022

Original: English

Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Programme of the fact-finding visit to Madrid,

28-29 September 2022

Rapporteur: Ms Petra Stienen, Netherlands, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

10.00-11.00       Meeting with Gloria Lopez, journalist, AMECO-Press (Spanish Association of Women Media Professionals)

11.30-12.30       Meeting at Madrid Municipality about the Madrid Salud (Madrid-Health) programme:

-  Antonio Prieto Fernández, Managing Director, Madrid-Health;

-  Mercedes Rodriguez Pérez, Assistant Director-General for Prevention and Health Promotion;

-  Maria Luisa Palomino, Head of the Strategy Coordination Department;

-  Gema Dorado Ruiz, Sexual and reproductive health programme referent.

13.00-14.00       Meeting with Ms Carmen Calvo, President of the Committee on Equality, and other members of the Congress of Deputies

15.00-16.00       Meeting with representatives of SEDRA – Federaciòn de planificaciòn familial (Family planning federation)

-     Ms Filomena Ruggiero, Advocacy and policy area

-     Mr David Llorente, Advocacy officer

-     Ms Gema Gonzalez, Executive Director

-     Ms Eugenia Garcia, Communication

-     Ms Raquel Hurtado, Social intervention

16.30-18.30       Participation in the event “Derechos sexuales y reproductivos para todas. Es ley” (Sexual and reproductive rights for every woman. It’s the law) held on the occasion on the International Safe Abortion Day, with the participation of:

-     Ms Irene Montero Gil, Minister for Equality

-     Ms Justa Montero, women’s rights activist

-     Ms Justyna Wydrzynska, women’s human rights defender, founder Women on the Net, Poland

-     Ms Andrea Aznar, writer, Bloom

-     Ms Pitu Aparicio, social educator

-     Paloma Alma, writer and blogger (Cyclo)

-     Selene Franco (personal testimony)

-     Carla Galeote, Tiktok influencer

-     Ray Puig, trans-inclusive sexologist

-     Yania Concepción, therapist and sexual educator

Thursday, 29 September 2022

9.30-10.30         Meeting with representatives of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence: Ms Elisa Nieto, Ms Isabel Sanchis, senior advisors

10.30-11.30       Meeting with the Director of the Institute of Women, Ms Antonia Morillas, and Ms Lara Ferguson Vázquez de Parga, Senior Adviser, Director’s Support Unit Institute of Women, State Secretariat for Equality and against Gender Violence, member of Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Europe

12.00-12.30       Meeting with Ms Irene Montero Gil, Minister for Equality, Ministry for Equality

13.30-14.00       Meeting with Ambassador María Jesús Conde Zabala, Special Envoy for a Feminist Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs