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CEPEJ study session,Session d’études de la CEPEJ,27 JUNE/JUIN 2018,Artificial intelligence and judicial systems,Intelligence artificielle et systèmes judiciaires,9h30 – 12h30, Strasbourg

Among the most striking computer developments in recent years, those related to the use of so-called "artificial intelligence" (AI) technologies seem both the most exciting and the most controversial. In the judicial field, some legaltech companies claim to be able to "predict" future decisions of a court, through considerable mass processing of jurisprudence that goes beyond human cognition in many respects. 
However, a fundamental issue remains unaddressed: a technological language is used over and over but knowledge of its vocabulary and concepts is not well shared. How to develop meaningful public policies without 
an understanding of those concepts?
The CEPEJ has invited the best European experts to present to you 
the current and future challenges of AI.