Country : Slovenia

Name of event: Civil law, The new European regulations on matrimonial property regimes and the property, family law, succession law, real estate law

Date: 22 October 2018, at 17:30

Organiser: Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Belgium, Brussels and Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia /Notarska zbornica Slovenije

Informative meeting

Slovenian notaries will participate in the meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brussels, Belgium, where they will present the role, funcition and work of notaries in the Republic of Slovenia and the European union. Notaries will be able to provide a wide range of information on legal regulation in various fields of civil law, with emphasis on family law at the European Union level and at home in Slovenia. The meeting is intended for all Slovenes working in EU institutions, representative offices and those who are in Brussels on a temporary basis.

Name of event: Integration of Slovenian notaries in European Day of Civil justice – open day – Civil law – the accessibility of notarial services to citizens 

Date: 25 October 2018

Organiser: Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia /Notarska zbornica Slovenije -  notaries offices

On October 25th, in all EU Member States, a day is dedicated to civil law and awareness raising of citizens' rights to civil rights. This year's European Action is also being attended by Slovenian notaries for the third time, inviting all users of notarial services to notary offices for consultations. At this year's informative day, notaries will spend time informing and raising people's awareness of their rights in the field of civil law, sucession law and contract law, and in particular will be available to visitors for information on the  new Family Code, which will come in force on April 15, 2019.


Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia has  issued a new edition of the journal "Notarski vestnik" the content of which will be dedicated to the family law.

The president of Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia will appear in a broadcast on national television on 24th and 25th October 2017 and will respond to the questions of the audience live regarding the issues of civil law, especially family law.