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Routes4U Project: Fostering regional development through the Cultural Routes
Branding strategies for Cultural Routes | N°16 - September 2019
Branding strategies covering 27 countries: how to brand a Cultural Route in the macro-regions?
In the framework of Routes4U, four studies are being developed on how to brand Cultural Routes in the Adriatic and Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea and Danube Region. Follow the link to find out more about the branding strategies and their outcomes!
Call for proposals to create a Routes4U tourism catalogue
The Council of Europe is looking for a provider to implement the four macro-regional branding strategies. The provider will be in charge of creating a graphic charter, a tourism catalogue, tourism web content, labels for local products and a communication plan.
Apply to join the Council of Europe team in Luxembourg!
Deadline for submissions: 3 October 2019

You have until the 3rd October 2019 to apply for the position of Information Officer
and get the opportunity to join the Routes4U team at the headquarters of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme in Luxembourg.
Routes4U grants under evaluation: tourism products and Cultural Routes cards
After the submission of proposals from the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe crossing the four EU macro-regions, an evaluation committee convened to decide on the award of Routes4U grants to develop tourism products or a Cultural Routes card. The outcomes of the evaluation will be released shortly.
The Routes4U trip planner enters a testing period
Discover many points of interest related to the Cultural Routes in the macro-regions and plan your trip! The search can be filtered based on the four macro-regions, specific Cultural Routes and thematic entries. The content of the trip planner will be further developed in the upcoming months. Any feedback from users is most welcome!
14-15 October 2019: Routes4U meeting on Cultural Routes in the EU macro-regions (Vienna, Austria)
Organised with the support of the Austrian Federal chancellery, the event will focus on Cultural Routes priorities in the EU macro-regions, and how to develop their potential through the Routes4U activities. Participants will also discuss cultural tourism as driver for growth, jobs and economic development in the macro-regions.
25-26 November 2019: Routes4U meeting on Cultural Routes in the Alpine and Baltic Sea Region (Aarau, Switzerland)
Organised with the support of the Swiss Federal office of Culture, the meeting will be the opportunity for participants to discuss about Cultural Routes projects to be developed in the Alpine Region ("Via Alpina" and "Via Claudia Augusta") and in the Baltic Sea Region (“Ice Age and Maritime Heritage" as well as "Alvar Aalto Route").
#Routes4U quiz
Discover Cultural Routes' destinations in the EU macro-regions every Friday through our Facebook quiz.
Routes4U Team
Routes4U Project is implemented by the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA), under the supervision of its Executive Secretary, Stefano Dominioni.
  • Constanze Metzger, Senior Project Officer
  • Catherine Hannequart, Communication Officer
  • Laura Ligazzolo, Project Assistant
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