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Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Newsletter March 2019

Press release: The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe awarded the Carlos V European Award
France: certification ceremony along the « Impressionisms Routes »
Germany: Cultural Routes presented at the world‘s biggest tourism fair in Berlin (ITB)
Portugal: The Côa Archaeological Park and Museum awarded the “European Rock Art Heritage label”
Finland : Consultation on Cultural Routes in the Baltic Sea Region (Routes4U)
European Route of Jewish Heritage: General Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia
Via Francigena: BBC series promoting the pilgrimage on road to Rome
Huguenots and Waldesian Trails at the tourism and hiking fair in Paris
European Route of Historic Thermal Towns presents at the EU Committee of Regions, Brussels
Réseau Art Nouveau Network: Art Nouveau and Art Deco Antiques Fair in Brussels
Cultural Routes Focus: Routes of El legado andalusí
Cultural Routes in the press - Highlights
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