The team that developed the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters through Visual Media (AIEVM) would be very interested to receive feedback from facilitators. If you have any information or comments to offer about your experience of using the AIEVM, please use this form to send these to the team.

When you have completed this form electronically, it should be sent as an email attachment to the following address:

          [email protected]

The following questions are of particular interest to the team. However,
if you have any other observations to offer on the AIEVM, please
enter them on this form in Part 5. In all cases, please make sure that
you answer questions 1-8 in Part 1, in order to enable the team to understand the context of your comments.

*    Part 1

1.   Do your comments relate to (please tick the relevant box):

       The standard version of the AIEVM

       The younger learners’ version of the AIEVM – administered orally

       The younger learners’ version of the AIEVM – administered in a written format

2.   In which country did you use the AIEVM, and in which city or region of that country
was it used?



City or region


3.   How many children/respondents did you use the AIEVM with, and what were their ages?





4.   What were the national, religious and cultural backgrounds of the children/respondents with whom you used the AIEVM?


5.   What was the context in which you administered the AIEVM (e.g., was it administered
at a school or at another educational institution, which area of the curriculum was it administered in, etc.)?


6.   How did you administer the AIEVM (e.g., was it administered as an individual or as a collective activity, etc.)?


7.   Was the AIEVM administered in the respondents’ mother tongue or in another language?


8.   How did you find out about the AIEVM (e.g., did you find out about it yourself, were you told about it on a training course, has your school adopted it, etc.)?


*    Part 2

9.   From the point of view of the children/respondents, do you, the facilitator, consider that:

      a)…any of the questions were ambiguous?

      If so, which ones and why?


      b)…any of the questions were too difficult?

      If so, which ones and why?


      c)…the questions were in an understandable order?

      If not, what order would you suggest?


10. Which were the most stimulating questions?



11. Did you have to modify the AIEVM to make it appropriate for your setting?


12. Can you tell us anything about the nature or type of encounters that
the children/respondents chose to reflect on?


13. Do you think this exercise changed the children’s/respondents’ feelings about
the encounters they chose to reflect on?


14. In what ways did you find the AIEVM useful?


15. Would you use the AIEVM again, and if so, how often?


*    Part 3

16. Is there anything you think should be added to the Notes for Facilitators?
If so, please give details.


17. Is anything in the Notes for Facilitators unclear?
If so, please give details.


*    Part 4

18. (If applicable) Which teachers do you think might use the AIEVM to support their work?


19. (If applicable) How far is the AIEVM consistent with your school’s policy on diversity?


*    Part 5

20. Please add any other comments which you might have here:


Thank you very much indeed for your time and co-operation.

Please send your completed feedback form as an email attachment to:

[email protected]