European day of Justice in Azerbaijan

Date : October 12, 2018

Ville et lieu de l'événement : Khizi district of Azerbaijan

Type of event : Rendering free legal aid for low-income families residing in Khizi district and neighbouring regions.

Description of the event : Taking into account the importance of the “European Day of Justice” Azerbaijani Bar Association is holding a series of events within the framework of the “European Day of Justice”.

In connection with these measures, lawyers from Baku travelled to Khizi district in order to provide legal aid to low-income persons on October 12. As part of the legal aid provided to those people, along with verbal legal advice, preparation of written applications to various public bodies and other free legal services were provided.

Law Offices of the Azerbaijani Bar Association regularly conducts similar activities in other regions, and the Bar Association will further ensure the continuity of these measures.