Information concerning the candidate (institution / organization)

Name: Court Administration Republic of Latvia

Address: 6 Antonijas Street, Riga, LV-1039

Country: LATVIA

Tel.: +371 67063840


Represented by:

First name and surname: Mr Edvins BALSEVICS

Function: Director of Court Administration

Tel: +371 67063801


(Application submitted by Ms Dace Ezeriete, Project Manager of Project Management and International Cooperation Unit,

Initiative presented

Title: e-services portal  

Date of introduction of the application form: 10.05.2017

Brief description of the initiative

Court Administration has developed an e-services portal (available from January 2016). In the portal in user friendly and transparent manner court e-services are in available one place as well as customized for using tablet and mobile devices.

Online authorization is provided by:

• assigned requisites of Court Administration;

• E-signature, eID card;

• Internet bank.

In 2016 there were 7342 authorized portal users (natural and legal persons, lawyers, prosecutors).

E-services for authorized users:

  1. My cases – an opportunity for every participant of court proceeding (natural person or representative of legal entity) electronically to get acquainted with data and materials of the course of proceeding (decisions, audio protocols and other attached to the case documents) as well as to keep up with changes in the court proceeding without going to the court. Resulting facilitation of work of the court and providing faster information exchange between the court and persons involved in the court proceedings.
  2. Applications for court - an opportunity online to fill application form, to attach documents, to carry out an electronic signing of application and sending to the court. This solution facilitates lodging of applications to the court, as well as enables an opportunity for users easily to keep up with the status of the application changes thereby reducing number of procedures and making easier submission of documents for court - saving time, travel expenses and costs.
  3. Calendar of advocates/prosecutors (available only for advocates/prosecutors) - ensures receiving of information about planned court hearings and the opportunity to register the details of their own occupancy. Information registered by advocates/prosecutors about their occupancy is available to the judge during the planning of court hearing so it is possible in a timely manner detect availability of advocate’s/prosecutor's and thereby reduce the number of postponed hearings because of absence of advocate/prosecutor.

E-services for unauthorized users:

  1. Toll calculator - a possibility by choosing the type of process and type of submitted application (requirement or complaint) to calculate expenses related to the court proceeding and the amount of paid services of court.
  2. E-forms - a possibility to download, fill in and print out electronic forms of civil, administrative and criminal processes.
  3. Course of proceedings - a possibility to obtain general information about course of proceeding in which user is interested by indicating the case number or summons number.
  4. Actions territories of courts – by entering the address (for particular address) the contact information of the court having jurisdiction is presented to user.
  5. Court calendars – available information about all planned court hearings.
  6. Anonymized judgments - a possibility to select anonymized court judgments by selection criteria of system. There are more than 165 000 anonymized court judgments available.
  7. Case law - access to Supreme Court of Republic of Latvia case-law database.

Judgments anonymization solution - available to the staff of Court Administration with certain access rights. The solution was developed in the framework of individual project "Modernization of Courts in Latvian" of the Latvian – Swiss cooperation programme (available from September 1, 2013). It provides semi-automatic anonymization of court judgments in accordance with system-defined criteria as well as access of anonymized judgments portal for all users.