cepej + 70 ans + COE Quadri

Putting the principles of the CEPEJ European Ethical Charter on the use of artificial intelligence in judicial systems into practice, with a certification perspective

23 September 2019, Athens, Lagonissi Resort, Meeting room Delphi, 9 am

Internal CEPEJ experts’ meeting chaired by Ms Merethe Eckhardt, member of the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL


·         Opening of the meeting and presentation of the participants (15’)

·         Presentation of the CoE initiatives and work on AI (15’)

·         Short presentation of the CEPEJ Charter (15’) and explanation of the objectives and scope of the work to be undertaken by the CEPEJ as regards certification of AI-based tools intended for use in judicial systems (15’)

*      Review of the most widespread AI-based applications in Europe, as surveyed in the CEPEJ Charter (10’);

*       Presentation of the approach followed in the preparation of the three outlines prepared by IEEE (20’)

·         Presentation of the outline on legal research and comments from the participants (1h)

·         Presentation of the detailed outline on predictive justice  and comments from the participants (1h30)

·         Presentation of the outline on fact-finding and comments from the participants (30’ – more discussion if the Group decides that this application should be amongst the ones to be developed in this initial phase of work)


·         Summary of the main comments and conclusions arising in the discussions (1h):

*      Further guidance needed as regards definition of some standards? If so which ones?

*      Should a distinction between different questions and evidence be introduced, based on their level of importance from a certification perspective?

*      Labeling or certification?

*      Any other important issues raised during the discussions?

·         Work to be undertaken in the future (1h30):

*      Determination of the applications to be retained in this initial stage of work and definition of an order of priority;

*      Agreement on the structure and contents of the final output to be produced

*      Repartition of tasks among participants and deadlines (work to be finalized by March 2020, with the aim of adoption by the CEPEJ in June 2020).

·         AOB