Dear Colleagues,

Hereby I am sending the answers to the questionnaire from Estonian Prosecutor`s Office:

1.       Yes, we do. We periodically evaluate the work of the prosecutors and ensure the quality of their work.

2.       Independence, impartiality are certainly very important and considered very crucial.

3.       Important indicators are verdicts themselves, the number and complexity of the cases, the feedback and evaluation from the chief prosecutors.

4.       This is basicly the same as the answer to the previous question – the procedure will include the feedback and evaluation from chief prosecutors and the court verdicts themselves. The evaluation also affects the part of salary that is in connection with the concrete results (the so called bonus salary).

5.       There is no different or specific criteria or indicators for this concrete group of prosecutors.

6.       In the near future we would like to take the Estonian legislation (regarding the terrorism issues) in accordance with the international legislative forms. We would like to organize more international trainings to our prosecutors regarding the fight against terrorism. In the surveillance activities we would like to reorganize the work principles.

7.       As the Prosecutor`s Office we can give the opinion about Eurojust – the contribution of Eurojust is very important and has given the positive effect. Eurojust helps to find all the important contacts and ensure the international cooperation.

8.       The main challenges are the absence of the methodology and the absence of the control mechanisms.

If there is anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Marianne Tiigimaa

Head of Personnel Division

Office of the Prosecutor General

Wismari 7, 15188, Tallinn

Republic of Estonia