Dear Colleagues, Dear guests, friends

It is my great pleasure to  invite you to Ljubljana for the 3 rd Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe. At the previous two conferences in Strasbourg and Bucharest a very high standard was set regarding our common grounds to strengthen  role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system.  Recommendation (2000)19 of the Council of Europe  has provided an excellent new level for the creation of a successful, human and professional work of the prosecution service. Implementing it in practice demonstrates not only the need for changes to laws, but also our will to perform them efficiently in   our every-day work.

The state of Slovenia and its individual citizens opted for a democratic society, founded on full respect of human rights and exercising the rule of law. Our sincere ambition is full inclusion in European integration. As a small country, with 20.000 square kilometres and two million inhabitants, and last but not least, with a hundred and sixty prosecutors, we are fully aware of the responsibilities in the large family of European nations and make intensive efforts to co-operate actively in all forms of European networking. 

Devoted to these principles I look forward to greeting you in the country, whose name  SLOVENIA  comprises  the word »love«  and the name of the capital  LJUBLJANA sounds in our native language like »loving«, to be hosted by people who have chosen the following words for their national anthem:

God's blessing on all nations,

who long and work for that bright day,

when over earth

no war, no strife shall hold its sway;

who long to see,

that all men free,

no more shall foes, but neighbours be!

Nasvidenje v Sloveniji!

                                                                                  Zdenka Cerar

                                                                         General State Prosecutor