Steering Group of the SATURN Centre for Judicial Time Management /

Groupe de pilotage du Centre SATURN pour la gestion du temps judiciaire

Members / Membres

Ivana BORZOVA, Head of the Department of Civil Supervision, Ministry of Justice, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Noel RUBOTHAM, Head of Reform and Development, Court Service, Dublin, IRELAND

Ivan CRNCEC, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Justice, Zagreb, CROATIA

Franscesco DEPASQUALE, Magistrate, Magistrates' Chambers, The Law Courts, Valetta, MALTA

Vassilis ADROULAKIS, Judge at the Council of State, Athens, GREECE

Giacomo OBERTO, Judge, First instance court of Torino (civil court), ITALY

Deputy Working group members / Membres suppléants du Groupe de travail

Scientific experts / Experts scientifiques

Marco FABRI, Director, Research Institute on judicial systems, Research National Council, Bologna, Italy

Jon JOHNSEN, Professor in Law, Faculty of law, University of Oslo, Norway

Observers / Observateurs

European Union institutions / Institutions de l’Union européenne

European Union of Rechtspfleger / Union européenne des greffiers de justice et Rechtspfleger (EUR)