Support to civil society organisations for increasing access to justice for victims of discrimination in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine

PGG 17 – Application for grant for increasing access to justice for victims of discrimination in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine


Question 1:

We would like to kindly ask you to clarify whether it is mandatory and/or preferable for applicants to have a partnership with public institutions for project implementation or not.

Answer 1:

As per priorities of the grant, you can read them both on page 4, under general objectives, and page 5, in relation to preference. In these sections, indeed, partnership with public institutions is mentioned as an example among several others. In this sense, this is not mandatory, but could be of an added value.

However, we will not exclude applications if there is no partnership with public institutions involved, this is not an exclusion criterion. It is important that you explain the added value of this partnership, if you apply in partnership with a public institution, and also that you clarify why you applied without partnering with them, in case you do not involve them as partners.

Question 2:

Can there be a tool such as training for judges in discrimination cases within the scope of this proposal? Is it possible, that our application will contain an educational component for judges under this proposal?

Answer 2:

This kind of activity can be envisaged. You will need to explain how it relates to the achievement of the grant objectives, which you can find in the call for proposals.

Question 3:

Can you tell us what's the timeline for doing our projects?

Answer 3:

The implementation period of the projects should start on 1 December 2021 (see indicative timetable under VIII. In the call for proposals) and shall not extend beyond 30 April 2022.

Reporting requirements shall be completed on 31 May 2022 at the latest.

Question 4:

How long of a project do you fund?

Answer 4:

Project proposals shall be accompanied by a draft budget (See Template Budget, in Appendix II) amounting to a maximum of 20.900 Euros (twenty thousand nine hundred Euros), more specifically a maximum of 19.000 Euros (nineteen thousand Euros) can be awarded by the Council of Europe while selected grantee entity is expected to contribute 10% to the overall project budget, in amount of maximum 1900 euro (one thousand nine hundred euros). The estimated budget must be consistent, accurate, clear, complete and cost-effective, in the light of the activities proposed.

Question 5: Is it mandatory for applicants to be a legally registered organization in their respective country?

Answer 5: This question will be addressed at the evaluation stage of the proposals. Prospective applicants are invited to submit, together with their proposals, all relevant information and documents necessary to assess compliance with this eligibility criterion (as well as all the other criteria).