Appendix 1


Please type all your answers and answer all questions clearly and concisely. Add extra lines or pages as needed, but please keep to the order of questions.

I.                    GENERAL INFORMATION

1.1. Training course details

Title of the course


(city, country and the address if possible)

Start date of the implementation period (Preparation shall begin from this date)

Date of the start of the course

Closing date of the course

End date of the implementation period (Date when the reporting is concluded)

Number of working days of the training course (4 consecutive days)

Working language(s) of the course

1.2. The applicant organisation(s) details

Name of the applicant organisation(s)

Address of the applicant organisation(s) (including city, postal code, and country)

Contacts of the applicant organisation(s) (telephone number (include international dialling code), email, website)

Contact person(s)

(name and position in the organisation of the person in charge of the project)

Contact details of the person

(telephone number (include international dialling code), email, address)

1.3. Partnership (s)

Are you cooperating with any other organisation(s) in making this request?

If so, please give details of the organisation(s), their profile(s) and a contact person(s)


2.1. Aims and objectives of the training course

What is the aim of the training course?

Which are the objectives of the course?

How does the course correspond to the mission and programme of your organisation?

What is your experience in Human Rights Education? 

How does the training course intend to make use of Compass and/or Compasito or other Council of Europe educational resources?

Is the training course connected to a recently published or ongoing translation of Compass, Compasito and/or other Council of Europe educational resources on human rights education?

Yes   No  

 if “yes”, please specify:


What is, from your perspective, the added value of the training course to the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the Council of Europe?

How will the training course strengthen the networks of key multipliers in human rights education with young people in your country/-ies?

2.2. Programme outline and methodology

Please describe below an outline of the daily programme and details about the rationale and the methodology of the course

2.3. Participants in the training

Profile of participants (multiple choices possible)

Youth workers
Youth leaders

 University students
Human rights activists

Government representatives
Local municipalities

Other, please specify:

Number of participants

(minimum 18; maximum 40)

Which are the main competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes) addressed by the training course?

What is the relationship of participants with your organisation(s)

What is the planned procedure and calendar for recruitment?

2.4. Composition (probable) of the team of trainers

Name of trainer


Competences or experience (in relation to the course)

2.5. Preparation

What is the timeline of the preparation process planned for this course?

How will the trainers’ team be involved in the preparation process?

2.6. Follow-up 

What is the expected impact of the training in your community/locality/region in relation to human rights education?

What follow-up do you expect participants to undertake as a result of the course?

Do you intend to support participants in their future projects or follow-up activities?  

How will your organisation/s follow-up on the training course?

2.7. Type of support you request from the Council of Europe

(multiple choices are possible)

        Educational support and advice

if “yes, please chose between two options on the right side

       Trainer contracted by the Council of Europe

(if a trainer will be requested, her/his board and lodging costs will be covered by the organisation/project, but trainer fee will be paid by Council of Europe beyond the budget of the project).

       Trainer recommended by the Council of Europe

(all expenses will be covered by the organisers)   

        Institutional support

including recognition, visibility, and input to the course

        Financial support

if “yes”, please submit detailed budget proposal using the table in appendix 2


Please describe the daily programme here in any format.


4.1. Resources of the project

Please, indicate below how your organisation will secure the feasibility of the project, either by way of its own resources or by contribution from third parties. Co-financing may take the form of financial or human resources, in-kind contributions or income generated by the action or project. What other sponsors/partners will contribute to the activities?

4.2. Declaration of honour

By signing this form I, the undersigned, authorized to represent the applicant, hereby certify that the information contained in this application is correct and that the applicant organisation has not received or applied for any other Council of Europe funding to carry out the action which is the subject of this grant application.

I also certify on my honour that the applicant organisation is not in one of the situations which would exclude it from taking part in a Council of Europe grant award procedure, and accordingly declare that the applicant:

a. has not been sentenced by final judgment on one or more of the following charges: participation in a criminal organisation, corruption, fraud, money laundering;

b. is not in a situation of bankruptcy, liquidation, termination of activity, insolvency or arrangement with creditors or any like situation arising from a procedure of the same kind, or is not subject to a procedure of the same kind;

c. has not received a judgment with res judicata force, finding an offence that affects its professional integrity or constitutes a serious professional misconduct;

d. does comply with its obligations as regards payment of social security contributions, taxes and dues, according to the statutory provisions of the country where it is established;

e. is not and neither likely to be in a situation of conflict of interests.

First name, Family name

Function, Name of the organisation



                                 Please send this form duly completed and signed to:

Council of Europe, Youth Department

E-mail: [email protected]

by 04 January 2023 (23:00 CET)