Strasbourg, 7 February 2018

SATURN Group / Court coaching meeting

How to calculate the weight of a case?

La Valletta (Malta), 12 February 2018 - 9h - 18h

Venue: TBC

Agenda of the Workshop

1.     Introduction by Mag. Francesco DEPASQUALE (SATURN member) and the CEPEJ Secretariat and presentation of the team of experts

2.     Presentation of the objectives of the meeting and of the framework note by Mag. Francesco DEPASQUALE and the Secretariat

3.     Analytical review of the framework note and comments by the experts, summary of the first findings

Lunch Break

4.     Presentation of the first findings and discussion with members of Malta’s judiciary

5.     Summary of the discussion by the experts

6.     Definition of a working schedule to fine-tune and finalise the document

7.     AOB

List of participants / Liste des participants

Francesco DEPASQUALE, Judge, CEPEJ member and representative of the SATURN Group, Malta

Joanne BATTISTINO, Research and Special Projects Officer, CEPEJ national correspondent, Malta

Jonas VACLAV, Statistician, ministry of justice, Czech Republic

Villem LAPIMAA, Judge, Head of appeal court, Estonia

Dr Gali AVIV, Director of the Israeli Courts Research Division, Supreme court, Israel

Shanee BENKIN, Judicial Researcher, Supreme court, Israel



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DGI - Droits de l’Homme et Etat de droit, Division pour l’indépendance et l’efficacité de la justice

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