10 March 2017

1280th meeting, 7-10 March 2017 (DH)


H46-11 Statileo group v. Croatia (Application No. 12027/10)

Supervision of the execution of the European Court’s judgments


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The Deputies

1.         recalled the explanations provided by the Croatian authorities at their 1265th meeting that the legislative measures necessary for the execution of these judgments had not been taken because of the elections that were to be held in 2016;

2.         noted with concern that the authorities have provided no information in response to the Committee’s decision, despite the fact that Parliament has started its legislative work;

3.         noted further with concern that the Court continues to find violations in similar cases and to communicate applications to the government;

4.         stressing the pressing need to find a rapid solution to the problem of protected leases, which may affect thousands of individuals, urged the Croatian authorities, without further delay, to take the necessary legislative measures in compliance with the European Court’s indications and to provide information to the Committee, by 16 March 2017 at the latest, on the legislative process as well as the current version of the draft law;

5.         decided to resume examination of this item at their 1294th meeting (September 2017) (DH) at the latest.