Appendix I



Building specialisation strategies on local participation and heritage resources



Name of the city

Population size and rate of diverse population

Implementation Department / Legal form

Full address

Website (if any)

Name of the person(s) entitled to enter into legally binding commitments on behalf of the participant (indicate name and position)


Contact person

Position of the contact person

E-mail address

Phone number


Name of the bank

Address of the bank

Account holder name

Full account number (including bank codes)

IBAN (or BIC Code)


  1. Action overview:

STEPS is not a regeneration project, it will rather focus on providing expertise and guidance for the participatory process to mobilise diverse heritage as a resource for community cohesion in a specific area of the city through actions – either related to public space reclamation or to community development. Actions proposed might be specifically developed for the purposes of this call, or related to projects which are already planned or on-going.

Therefore, please provide a description of the action as follows:

Description of the urban area concerned (demography, challenges in terms of community cohesion, potential assets, previous interventions, other reasons for the choice of the area)



Partner institutions (in particular specialised in heritage and heritage interpretation and development, if any)

Participating organisations/institutions and groups engaged

Expected results

Measurement indicators of impact and/or monitoring tools (only for projects already planned or ongoing)

  1. Appropriateness and relevance of the action

Please explain how the project will contribute to the aims and objectives of building inclusive societies, community cohesion, dialogue and trust ▼

  1. Potential impact on the governance of diversity in the participating cities

Please describe how the project will impact the political commitment, citizens’ participation, and social practices in the city regarding the willingness to cooperate between local authorities and civil society, openness to consider the civic action as an empowering act for democracy for all parties involved  including possible ways of evaluating such impact (6 months after the project)

  1. Potential for awareness raising about the diversity advantage

Please describe how the project will contribute to increased visibility and awareness of the benefits of carrying out participatory diversity heritage-based actions and of improving public perception of the diversity advantage

  1. Participation of NGOs, youth organisations/associations, parents associations in the project design and implementation (if any)

Please describe how non-governmental organisations will contribute to the project design and implementation.  In particular, you might wish to provide an indicative list of organisations, number of organisations, methodology for cooperation, your previous experience with respect to cooperation and potential for sustainability for such cooperation.

F.       Partnerships with Universities

Please describe if any partnership exists already with local Universities in order to ensure an accurate measurement of the impact of the project. In particular, you might wish to provide an indicative list of organisations, methodology for cooperation, your previous experience with respect to cooperation and potential for sustainability for such cooperation. If such partnerships do not yet exist, please describe your plans to build new ones

G.       Previous experience in the management of heritage and diversity projects

Please describe if any project has already been managed focusing on heritage and diversity. In particular, you might wish to provide an indicative list of partners and sponsors, activities, results and your previous experience with respect to sustainability for such actions.

  1. Action plan (non-mandatory)

Briefly present your plan for the implementation of activities until 30 April 2018









Indicate below how the implementing partners intends to implement the proposed action (where applicable, indicate the involvement of third parties including business organisations)

6.        CO-FUNDING

Please explain your available resources and needed resources to implement the project. Indicate below how the implementing partner intends to contribute to the project (either by way of its own resources or by contribution from third parties). Co-financing may take the form of financial or human resources, in-kind contribution or income generated by the action. There is no compulsory minimum co-finding requirement but the financial contribution of the Applicant will be taken into consideration in the evaluation process.

Remark concerning the budget table (appendix II):  The budget will not cover operating costs of local and national administration personnel assigned to the project, but only direct, eligible costs such as travel, hotel, special costs associated to meetings (venue, interpretation, stationery, secretariat, etc.). Exception may be made for contracting national experts (working languages English or French) to help planning and coordinating project activities and inasmuch as non-governmental entities (local, national or international) are called in to participate in the project, for expertise and research, with standard fees being accepted as part of the budget.


I, the undersigned, authorized to represent the implementing partner, hereby certify that the information contained in this application is correct and that the organisation has not received or applied for any other Council of Europe funding to carry out the action which is the subject of this grant application.

I certify on my honour that the organisation is not in one of the situations which would exclude it from taking part in a Council of Europe grant award procedure, and accordingly declare that the organisation:

a. has not been sentenced by final judgment on one or more of the following charges: participation in a criminal organisation, corruption, fraud, money laundering;

b. is not in a situation of bankruptcy, liquidation, termination of activity, insolvency or arrangement with creditors or any like situation arising from a procedure of the same kind, or is not subject to a procedure of the same kind;

c. has not received a judgment with res judicata force, finding an offence that affects its professional integrity or constitutes a serious professional misconduct;

d. does comply with its obligations as regards payment of social security contributions, taxes and dues, according to the statutory provisions of the country where it is established.

8.        SIGNATURE

Name / First name of the Signatory

Title of position in the organisation of the implementing partner submitting the proposal

Place of signature

Date of signature

Signature and official stamp of the implementing partner