Committee on Democracy, Social cohesion
and Global Challenges

Draft Agenda

Wednesday 22 June 2016

17:00 – 18:00

Room G03, Agora

1.         Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda

2.         Adoption of the synopsis of the meeting of 27 January 2016 [CONF/PLE(2016)SYN1]

3.         Participatory Democracy : past and future commitments review

3.1.     Guidelines on civil society's participation in the political decision-making process(joint working group) by Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Chair

3.2.     Council of Europe Landscape Award Forum of National Selections 9-10 June 2016 Budapest (Hungary) by Maguelonne Dejeant Pons, Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention

3.3.     Plenary session of the Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape, (14‑15 June 2016) by Gerhard ERMISCHER, President of CIVILSCAPE, Coordinator of the working group on “Shared territories”

3.4.     World Forum for Democracy

          “Democracy and equality, does education matter?” (Strasbourg, 7-9 November 2016) - communication by Eladio FERNANDEZ-GALIANO, Head of the Democratic Initiatives Department(tbc)


3.5.      2016 European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) “Living together in culturally diverse societies: respect, dialogue, interaction” with the participation of Orsolya GANCSOS, ELDW Project Assistant (tbc)


4.         Ongoing program of working groups

4.1.     WG Climate and Human Rights: COP22 (Marrakech) by Karl DONERT and Edith WENGER, Coordinators

4.2.     WG Europe Méditerranean by Jean-Claude GONON (AEDE), Coordinator

4.3.     WG Health: launching of a working group on the definition of standards to take into health care and medico-social care of the elder with Thierry MATHIEU, Coordinator, Michel BALLEREAU, MD, President of the Strategic Planning Committee on Health and Social action for the French national Organisation for Standardisation (AFNOR) and Anne-Marie GALLOT, MD, Public Health Inspector general


5.         Miscellaneous

6.         Next meeting