Standing Committee


            Draft of 31 May 2016



Tuesday 21 June: 9h30 – 12h45

Thursday 23 June: 14h30 - 16h30

Strasbourg, Agora, room G 04

1.         Opening of the meeting by Anna Rurka, President of the Conference of INGOs

2.         Draft agenda: for adoption

3.         List of decisions from the meeting of 25 April 2016 [CONF/SC(2016)SYN2]: for adoption

4.         Events planned during the session and preparation of the meeting of the Conference of INGOs on 24 June:

·           Debate on the treatment of migrants, refugees and NGOs defending their rights

·           Side Events

·           Speed Dating

·           Election of a Vice-chair of the Human Rights Committee

·           Adoption of the revised Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs

·           Texts for adoption

5.         Information on the thematic committees’ working groups: creation, closure, follow-up

6.         Ongoing work: state of play with regard to the Action Plan of the Conference of INGOs

·         Work of the thematic committees and visibility,

·         Transversal themes (gender equality, north-south, migration, youth)

·         Activities of the Expert Council

·         Other activities

7.         Compliance with the Communication Charter by members of the Standing Committee and the INGOs with regard to internal communication and with personalities and entities of the Council of Europe

8.         Freedom of association, assembly and expression in the lime light:

·           International conference on the political activities of NGOs, their access to funding and their effective participation in the political decision-making process (Strasbourg, 6 and 7 June)

·           Work of the Expert Council on NGO Law

·           Preparation of Guidelines to ensure meaningful civil participation in political decision making by the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG)

·           Observations sent to the Committee of Ministers on Recommendations of the Parliamentary Assembly: 2086(2016) « How can inappropriate restrictions on NGO activities in Europe be prevented? », 2085(2016) « Strengthening the protection and role of human rights defenders in Council of Europe member States »

9.         Information on the representation of the Conference of INGOs in forthcoming meetings of steering committees, intergovernmental committees, committees of the parties and expert committees

10.      Information on INGO-Service

11.      Any other business