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“I am an even bigger fan of EYF and the co-management system! I can see that fruitful cooperation between NGOs and institutions is really possible…”

“Many thanks for your comments and for giving us time to revise our work plan.   We have taken on board all of your comments, and hope we have reflected these well in the resubmission. Thank you    once    again    for    these    very constructive comments and the time to clarify elements and re-submit our work plan. It is much appreciated.”

“We like the procedures adopted by the EYF as they are transparent, clear and quick. We thank the EYF for the trust and support in our projects for people with disabilities.”

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Set up in 1972, the European Youth Foundation (EYF) plays an essential role in the Council of Europe’s work to support youth civil society.

Its purpose is to encourage co-operation among young people in Europe by providing guidance and financial support to youth activities based on the Council of Europe's fundamental values: human rights, democracy and rule of law.

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Diversity, flexibility, respect, approachability and teamwork.

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Fact Sheet Bulgaria 2015

European Youth Foundation Council of Europe


In 2015, out of 286 applications evaluated by the European Youth Foundation, 144 were approved by the Programming Committee on Youth.

The EYF awarded € 2,635,150 in grants.

From these 144 granted projects 19% were international activities, 33% were pilot activities, 20% work plans and the final 28% were given to structural grants. The work plans account for       € 1,150,300.

In total, 208 activities took place in Member States: 47 pilot activities, 28 international activities, 40 structural grants and 93 activities within work plans.

26% of pilot activities dealt with No Hate Speech theme, while 33% tacked the empowerment of vulnerable groups. 39% of international activities addressed peace building. Work plans themes included: 31% human rights education, 21% access to social rights and 21% transition to work.

More than 650 NGOs are registered in the online system launched by the Foundation in 2013. 


2 new NGOs have been validated. 24 youth NGOs from Bulgaria are now registered and able to apply for EYF grants: 3 international, 19 local and 2 national.

“Without the support of the EYF, we would not have had the opportunity to have the same number of participants, in particular those coming from non-EU countries.”

2 pilot activities took place in Bulgaria in 2015.


The EYF approach is based on the development of partnerships with NGOs.

The EYF is more than just a donor, offering financial but also educational support to youth NGOs, focusing on the content and methodology of projects. Through feedback, recommendations and questions the EYF hopes to create a reflective process, increasing the quality of projects. The focus is on the elaboration of projects that have a tangible, concrete impact. 2-way communication, flexibility, diversity and respect are the guiding principles of the Foundation and its staff.