Draft European outline convention on mountain region CLRAE Recommendation 75(2000) - Draft reply - Council of Europe.- Committee of Ministers', Ministers' Deputies.- Decisions 745/12.4 ( 14 March 2001)

745th meeting – 14 March 2001

Item 12.4

Draft European outline convention on mountain region
CLRAE Recommendation 75 (2000)
Draft reply
(CM/Del/Dec(2000)719/12.1 and (2001)744/1.1)



The Deputies adopted the following reply to CLRAE Recommendation 75 (2000): 

“The Committee of Ministers has carefully considered Recommendation 75 (2000) on the draft European outline convention on mountain regions adopted by the Congress, the text of which has been supported by the Parliamentary Assembly in its Recommendation 1274 (1995) and later in its Recommendation 1433 (1999) (in paragraph 18.d). It has forwarded, as requested, Recommendation 75 together with the draft European outline convention on mountain regions appended, to the European Ministers responsible for Regional Planning (CEMAT), who met on 7-8 September 2000 in Hanover (Germany). 

The CEMAT did not follow up the proposal made by the representatives of the CLRAE and the Parliamentary Assembly concerning a draft European outline convention on mountain regions. However, it adopted the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Spatial Development of the European Continent referring explicitly to mountain regions: 

“Mountain regions represent an exceptional potential for Europe and fulfil numerous ecological, economic, social, cultural and agricultural functions. Spatial development policy should give special and suitable consideration to the preservation and development of mountain regions.”, and, in particular, 

“Various spatial development policy measures for urban and rural areas are also valid for mountain regions. An integrated policy for mountain regions should, however, be an autonomous part of a Europe-wide spatial development policy which should include measures of economic and social development, the protection and management of natural resources and the respecting of local traditions and cultures.” 

The Committee of Ministers would like to draw the attention of the CLRAE to the work on these issues currently carried out by the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in the framework of the preparation of the next Ministerial Conference of the process “Environment for Europe”, which will be held in Kiev on 21-23 May 2003. 

The Committee of Ministers will keep the CLRAE informed on any future developments in the work on mountain regions.”