“We are very satisfied with the procedure and criteria for awarding grants. We especially appreciate your comments and suggestions for improving the programme and the project team tasks.” 

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Set up in 1972, the European Youth Foundation (EYF) plays an essential role in the Council of Europe’s work to support youth civil society.

Its purpose is to encourage co-operation among young people in Europe by providing guidance and financial support to youth activities based on the Council of Europe's fundamental values: human rights, democracy and rule of law.

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Diversity, flexibility, respect, approachability and teamwork.

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Fact Sheet United Kingdom    2014

European Youth Foundation Council of Europe


In 2014, 323 applications were submitted to the European Youth Foundation, while 159 received a grant.

Out of this 159 granted activities 29% were international activities, 29% were pilot activities, 17% work plans and the final 25% were given to structural grants.

203 activities in total took place in Council of Europe member states. 49 pilot activities, 54 international activities and 100 activities within work plans.

More than 500 NGOs are registered in the new online system launched by the Foundation in 2013. 

15 youth NGOs from the United Kingdom are registered with the European Youth Foundation: 7 local, 6 national and 2 international.

22 378 young people took part in EYF supported projects.

2 international activities took place in the United Kingdom in 2014.

International activity is a meeting of young people or youth leaders in Europe, which contribute to the work of the youth sector of the Council of Europe.

“We want to thank EYF for the flexibility regarding the grant procedure and the chance to develop our project idea. The EYF feedback to focus more on the participatory aspects led to a very fruitful project.”

EYF supported activity

The international activity “The role of women and gender equality in the 21st century” was a 5 day seminar which gathered young people and experts from 13 countries in order to bring awareness to young participants about the situation of women in Europe. It included education about the history of feminism, the misconceptions feminism has been confronted with, and about burning issues such as Female Genital Mutilation. The idea was to sensitize, through debate, young leaders about the importance and the complexity of the issue of gender equality. More generally, the focus was put on fostering more sophisticated and informed discussions about society issues.