Wednesday 5 September 2012, Tirana, Albania





Programme supported
by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs











14:30: Reception by the Albanian Prime Minister (upon invitation)

15:00: Official discourse 


15:30-15:45: Passing on the Remembrance of the Holocaust at the Council of  Europe: Dr Carole Reich, Program manager


15:45–16:00: The Concept of  “Those who save the honor of Humanity during the Holocaust”: Dr Yehudit Shendar, Senior Curator of Holocaust Art, Deputy Director of the Museums Division, Yad Vashem


16:00-16:15: Art as a factor of passing on the remembrance of the Holocaust,

Dr Francine Mayran, painter and psychiatrist


16:15-18:00: Introductory conference; Prof. Artan Hoxha from the University of Tirana, The rescue of Jews by the Albanian population


16:15-18:15: those who saved the honor of humanity during the Holocaust: testimonies. Run by Dr Fabienne Regard expert at the Council of Europe


18:15-19:00: A film on the rescue of Albanian Jews:

World’s noblemen, 2009, by Mrika Krasniqi