Expression of intent to translate the educational game Enter Dignityland



  1. Name of the applicant organisation(s)



  1. Address and contact details (including, fax, e-mail and web site, if available)



  1. Contact person for the project (name and contact details)



  1. Language into which you propose to translate “Enter Dignityland”



  1. Please indicate your experience in translation and/or publishing and provide a list of publications, if available



  1. Please indicate the name(s) and the profile(s) of the translator(s) who will translate “Enter Dignityland”, specifying their expertise in translating publications on human rights and training materials


  1. How will the translation and publishing be financed? (Please indicate details of sponsors and funders, including contribution in kind)



  1. How do you intend to disseminate the translated educational game Enter Dignityland

- In print form?

- Online?



  1. Please provide the timeline of the planned translation and printing of Enter Dignityland containing:

- translation (ready within xx months)

- quality control by the Council of Europe (takes maximum two months)

- implementation of changes of the quality controller (xx months)

- design and printing (ready within xx months of the date of agreement of the Council of Europe)

We have taken note of the conditions of the Memorandum of agreement on copyrights. We are ready and committed to undertake the translation of the educational game Enter Dignityland under the conditions outlined in the memorandum, once approval from the Council of Europe has been received.



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Erzsébet Bánki

Council of Europe

Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation

European Youth Centre Budapest

H- 1024 Budapest, Zivatar utca 1-3.

Tel + 36 1 4381036

Fax + 36 1 2124076

E-mail: [email protected]