Strasbourg, 10 June 2015




of the meeting on Tuesday 23 June 2015

from 2.30 pm to 6 pm

in room G03, Agora




1.50 pm —> 2.20 pmperformance by ‘Regards d’Enfants’


  1. Opening by the President, Michel Aguilar – presentation of the action plan

Statements of the Vice-Presidents, Gérard Greneron and Iamvi Totsi


  1. Activities of the President and the Vice-Presidents since January 2015


  1. Tracking of discrimination’s ‘discrete elements’

Anne Nègre, Gender Equality Expert


  1. Work of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH)

Jean-Bernard Marie, representative of the Conference of INGOs to the CDDH


  1. Reports and projects of the working groups

Jean-Michel Caudron, International Federation of the Associations of the Elderly (FIAPA)

Brigitte Kahn, B’nai B’rith International Council (BBCI)

Léon Dujardin, European Social Action Network (ESAN)


  1. Announcement on the side-events in 2016


  1. Adoption of the Recommendation on Disability (title tbc)

Marie-José Schmitt, European Action of the Disabled


  1. Adoption of the text of the Marangopoulos Foundation on “Violation of the economic, social and cultural rights through austerity measures: a serious threat to democracy”


  1. Report on the Symposium ‘No hate Web, no hate speech’ (26-28 May 2015, Strasbourg) and announcement of the reactivation of the Working group on hate speech


  1. Address by Ambassador Drahoslav Štefánek, Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the Council of Europe, President of the Rapporteur Group on Human Rights of the Committee of Ministers


  1. The European Social Charter

Address by Régis Brillat, Head of Department, European Social Charter, Executive Secretary of the European Committee of Social Rights – Head of Division,  Collective complaints and the Turin process


  1. Debate with the audience


  1. Conclusion of the meeting by the President