Education and Culture Committee



Strasbourg, 15 June 2015





Meeting of Tuesday 23 June 2015, from 9.30 am to 1 pm

Room G03, Agora



  1. Opening of the meeting


  1. Agenda: for adoption

  1. Synopsis [CONF/EDUC(2015)SYN1]: for adoption


  1. Information and debate on the exchange of views with the Ambassadors at the plenary meeting of the Conference


  1. Presentation of the working groups



  1. Meeting ofby the working groups


-Intercultural dialogue – Living together in Europe, salle G03

-Education to digital media – a challenge for formal and non-formal education, salle G06

-The teaching of history – an education for democratic citizenship, salle B4.06.C

-Evolution of the teacher in interaction with his environment: a shared responsibility, salle G02


7.Short presentations of results of the working group (salle G03)


8.Communication in between sessions


9.Closing of the meeting