Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee CONF/DEM(2015)OJ2


Draft Agenda

Wednesday 24 June 2015

9h30 – 13h

Salle G03, Agora



  1. Opening of the meeting


  1. Launching the InterFaith Tour

Departure of Samir AKACHA, Lea FRIEDMAN, Ariane JULIEN and Lucie NEUMAN to travel around the world in search of cohesive interfaith initiatives (Tour presented by Samuel GRZYBOWSKY, President of Coexister, before the committee on 27 January 2015)

  1. Adoption of the agenda
  2. Adoption of 27 January 2015 synopsis [CONF/DEM(2015)SYN1]
  3. Climate change and migration

Preparation of the 21st Conference of Parties on climate (COP21) to be held in Paris on 1 to 12 December 2015

Introduction by Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Chair (FIHUAT)

Sir Alan MEALE, member of the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development of the Parliamentary Assembly (tbc)

Jean-Marie FARDEAU, Director, Human Rights Watch (tbc)

Contribution of the committee to the Paris Summit by Edith WENGER, European Environment Bureau (EEB) and Karl DONERT (EUROGEO), vice-president of the committee and co-ordinator of the Working group on Climate and Human Rights


  1. European local Democracy week (SEDL) 2015,

«Living together in multicultural societies: respect, dialogue, interaction»: the role of NGOs

Intervention by Denis HUBER, Head of Co-operation, Administration and External Relations of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and Orsolya GANCSOS, Project Coordinator.


  1. World Forum on Democracy

Exchange of views with Eladio FERNANDEZ-GALIANO, Head of the Democratic Initiatives Department and responsible for the event to be held next November 18 - 20 on "Freedom versus control: For a democratic response".

  1. Committee Work Programme: launch of the working groups

Pole Global Challenges

WG Climate and Human Rights, co-ordination Karl DONERT (EUROGEO)

WG Economy of Health co-ordination Thierry MATHIEU (AIRHH)


Pole Human and Territorial cohesion

WG Europe-Mediterranean area migrations, co-ordination Jean-Claude GONON (AEDE)

Input of Jean-Pierre HICHERI (CITI)

WG Shared Territories, co-ordination Gerhard ERMISCHER (Civilscape) and Bernard AUBERT (Isocarp)

WG Active Co-existence: from living together to doing together, co-ordination Anne-Marie CHAVANON (FIHUAT) and Emmanuel MICHEL ( Coexister)

WG Creation of a network of European Intercultural alliances, co-ordination Helene PICHON


Pole Governance and Participatory democracy

GT Code of good practice for civil participation to decision making process, co-ordination Antonella VALMORBIDA (ALDA)

GT Gender Perspectives, coordination Anje WIERSINGA


  1. Other matters


  1. Next meeting