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Strasbourg, 4 September 2012




Report of the 17th meeting

Strasbourg, 6 June 2012

Document prepared by the Secretariat

Directorate General I – Human Rights and Rule of Law

I.                INTRODUCTION

1.                The Bureau of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) held its 17th meeting in Strasbourg on 6 June 2012, under the chairmanship of Mr João Manuel DA SILVA MIGUEL (Portugal).

2.                The following members of the Bureau were also present:

-           Mr Antonio MURA (Italy), Vice-Chairman of the CCPE,

-           Mr Cedric VISART de BOCARME (Belgium),

-           Ms Raija TOIVIAINEN (Finland).

3.                The agenda is set out in Appendix I.

4.                At the beginning of the meeting the Secretariat introduced Mr Artashes Melikyan, a new Administrator in the Division for the Independence and Efficiency of Justice – Unit of the Committees for Justice.


5.                The Bureau took note of the draft text of Opinion no. 7 prepared by the members of the Working Group of the CCPE in accordance with the distribution of tasks established at the 10th meeting of the CCPE-GT in April, and decided on the procedure to be followed when discussing it at the forthcoming 11th meeting of the CCPE-GT (on 6 and 7 June). In particular, it was decided to ask the drafters to introduce the chapters of the Opinion written up by them and to explain the underlying ideas. The CCPE-GT would then hold a general discussion of the text with the view to improving its structure and clarifying it as necessary.

6.                The Bureau also decided to work on formulating the conclusions of the Opinion only after finalising the main text of the draft.


a)            Cooperation with the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ)

7.                The members of the Bureau discussed the comments to the draft Recommendation on the role of public prosecutors outside the criminal justice system, scheduled for approval at the next CDCJ session on 18-20 June 2012. The Bureau took note that only 5 members of the CCPE provided such comments. However, it is noted that the scope of the Recommendation itself is also limited to those member states where, in accordance with their legal systems, prosecution services have a role to play outside the criminal law field. It then decided to transmit a summary of the comments to the CDCJ Secretariat and forward a copy of it to all CCPE members for information.

b)           Other works of the CCPE

8.                Mr Antonio Mura mentioned the possibility of a memorandum of understanding being concluded between Eurojust and the Council of Europe. Such memorandum would in particular refer to the works of the CCPE and focus on international cooperation. If it is concluded, the CCPE may have an active role to play in its implementation.

9.                Ms Raija Toiviainen informed the other members of the Bureau about the state of affairs regarding the creation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). In particular, she informed on the ongoing discussion of the “Model rules for the procedure of the EPPO”[1]. The Bureau concluded that the CCPE should continue following closely this development and express its position at a later stage as appropriate.

IV.                OTHER BUSINESS

10.                Mr Antonio Mura briefed the Bureau on the outcome of the 5th Plenary Meeting of the Network of EU Prosecutors General (in Budapest on 26 May 2012). The means and resources of prosecution services (in particular in the context of economic and financial crisis) were in the focus of this meeting; its conclusions were approved unanimously and set out in its Final Document[2].

11.                The next, 18th meeting of the Bureau is scheduled for Monday 26 November, before the 7th plenary meeting of the CCPE (26 and 27 November in Strasbourg).




1.        Opening of the meeting

2.        Adoption of the agenda

3.        Communication by the President, members of the Bureau and the Secretariat

4.        Preparation of the Opinion No.7

5.        Other work of the CCPE

a.     Cooperation with the CDCJ – Comments to the draft Recommendation on the role of public prosecutors outside the criminal justice system

b.    Other works

6.        Any other business

[1] Elaborated within the framework of a joint project of the European Anti-Fraud Office, the Hercule II Programme of the European Union and the University of Luxembourg.

[2] Available at the CCPE Website under “Preliminary works” to the CCPE Opinion No. 7.