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Summary and report of initiatives organised by member States in the framework of the European Day for Civil Justice (2011)

1. Events in Europe

Following countries have transmitted information / programmes on the activities organised in the framework of the celebration of the Europea Day for Civil Justice (2011 edition).  The detailed information of the events and the respectives summary are available on the CEPEJ Website. The main event was in Toulouse (France) on 25 October 2011.

Armenia. 3

Bosnia and Herzegovina. 3

Croatia. 3

Cyprus. 3

Estonia. 3

France. 3

Georgia. 4

Germany. 4

Italy. 4

Lithuania. 4

Netherlands. 4

Romania. 5

Serbia. 5

Slovenia. 5

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 5

Turkey. 5

United Kingdom.. 5


Chamber of Advocates of Armenia organises "open door days" in Yerevan and Vanadzor, during which advocates will provide free legal advise in civil relations matter to all applicants.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

·  The First Instance Court in Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina opened its doors for local primary and high schools as well as non-governmental organizations and judges explained their work to the visitors. Subsequently, there was a press conference at the court in order to inform the media on the significance of the European Day for Civil Justice. The event concluded with a panel on free legal aid. Participation of relevant judiciary officials and the local free legal aid institution has been confirmed.

More information and pictures of the event

·  The Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik organised a Court open Day on 27 October 2011.

- Representatives of the court informed interested persons, pupils and students with the Mission, Vision and Principles of Judicial and Prosecutorial System in B&H, with special emphasis on the rights and obligations of persons who are victims/witnesses in criminal cases.
- Round table discussion: "Building a network of support to victims/ witnesses in war crimes cases, sexual violence and other criminal cases." The media has also been invited to this special event.


·  Ministry of Justice invited all municipal courts to organize “open day” for citizens by organizing group visits, guided tours (for elementary and high schools) and info desks on their courts.
Judicial Academy organized lectures for Faculty of law students

Fourth Session of the Steering Committee of the Justice sector support project was held on 25 October 2011 in Split. On this event, the Evaluation report of European judicial systems –Edition 2010 (data 2008) translated into Croatian language has been presented.


Judges of the district court of Paphos visited several schools and gave lectures to students on the judiciary and the justice system of Cyprus.


The event was celebrated at national level. More than thirteen courts participated in the event.

18-20 October 2011: Tartu County Court invited pupils to hear 8 different civil hearings, to visit courthouse to see the premises of the court and to hear more about civil law. The Supreme Court of Estonia invited pupils to visits.

21 October 2011: The Supreme Court of Estonia invited pupils to hear lecture „Civil law – all for sell“ from the law clerk of the civil chamber.


A "discovering day" of civil process has been organised on 5 October 2011. Pupils participated in fictive proceedings and commented them after.

On 25 October 2011, the Court organised a Conference centered on the implementation of European law in day to day work of lawyers. Main event in which representatives of the European Commission and of the Council of Europe participated.

The third part took place on 7 November 2011 and was centered on alternative issues to institutional civil justice.  


On October 25, 2011, the Constitutional Court of Georgia opened the doors of the court house to freshmen and sophomore students of Batumi State University. The president of the Constitutional Court of Georgia George Papuashvili held public lecture on Georgian court system, its functions and current reforms. The students then took a tour around the court house. The activity was covered in local media outlets.



Several events were organised for the celebration of the European Day for Civil Justice on 16.11.2011 in the German "Oberlandesgericht Oldenburg", under the theme : "The influence of the Civil Right on the life of citizen and Developments of the European civil rights".

Link to the summary of the event and pictures gallery


Rimini - 25 October 2011: The European Integration (European Union and Council of Europe) has been presented to the Schools. Event organised by the Tribunal of Rimini, in co-operation of Rimini Bar

Rome - 24 to 29 October : Mediation Week: a week of conferences, seminars and other events aimed at raising the awareness on the existence and benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems (ADR), organised by the Italian Chambers of Commerce.


18 to 25 Oct. 2011: Open door events at the Courts of the Republic of Lithuania

Pupils, students and society were able to get acquainted with organization of court work, hearing rooms, equipment, profession of the judge and etc.

21 Oct. 2011: Court of Appeal of Lithuania

Conference and staged quiz on law. Main 3 parts event (conference – lecture, staged quiz and excursion in the Court of Appeal of Lithuania) for pupil of 8-11 grade.

Participants: Judges, pupil, teachers, representatives of mass-media

Link to the summary of the event and pictures gallery


18-21 October - Maastricht

For the fourth time, the Faculty of law of the Zuyd University organised an event in the framework of the European day of civil justice, in co-operation with the Ministry of justice and Security.

The courts of Aachen and Maastricht organised simulation sessions of common legal cases in the morning to German and Dutch (civil) law.

The afternoon portion was about  "culture and justice".


From 15 September to 25 October 2011, the Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy organised a series of events, meetings and seminars as well as training sessions for the legal professionals.

A special series of stamps dedicated to the "European Day of civil justice" has been launched at the Seat of the Ministry of Justice, in presence of the State secretary, Lidia Barac and other high personalities.


The Republic of Serbia joined for the first time the celebration of the European Day of Civil Justice. Two separate events were organized in Belgrade and Kladovo:  
- First Counsel of Misdemeanor Courts Judges held in Kladovo, 10/25/2011
- European Day of Civil Justice Reception at the Judicial Academy, Belgrade, 10/25/2011

Link to the video


"Cross-border and e-mediation" seminar in Ljubljana, Tavcarjeva 8, Conference Hall (2nd floor) on 24 October 2011

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Promotion of books "International documents for independent and efficient judiciary"

Edition I and Edition II on 27 October 2011

More information and pictures


Symposium on reforms in Turkish judicial systems, High Council of judges and Prosecutors (HCJP) from past to present and its comparison to European practice, 25-27-October 2011, Istanbul  


II. Promotional material and documents

a. Promotional material

Promotional material sent by the CEPEJ Secretariat consisted in pens, stickers, notepads, and magnets. The material has been sent to each participating country, according to the targeted public (pupils, legal professionnals and citizens) 

b. Documents

Information documents have been sent out according to the theme of the conference. Some CEPEJ studies, summaries of the evaluation report of judicial systems, guidelines on mediation, information leaflets on CCJE, CCPE and CEPEJ and more general infrmation brochures about the Council of Europe activities in the field of Rule of Law.

United Kingdom


The Scottish Government, together with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, co-hosted an event on Thursday 3 November in the Dome, New Register House.

The event focused on a number of key developments in EU civil law that have a significant domestic impact.

Topics for discussion included child abduction; cross-border child maintenance; and the recasting of the Brussels I regulation on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

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Appendix: Press review