Strasbourg, 20 November 2009


Consultative Council of European Prosecutors


Memorandum on the visibility of the work of the CCPE,

on dissemination and implementation of the CCPE Opinions  

The Opinions of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) refer to the topical issues relating to the activities of public prosecutors in the Council of Europe member States and worldwide. 

The CCPE and the European prosecutors’ community in general, are interested in the implementation of these Opinions and, in particular, of the recommendations contained in them.

To this end, the CCPE members, the President of the CCPE and the Secretariat are invited, in particular, to take the following actions:

1) for the CCPE members:

§  to make reference to the work of the CCPE and its Opinions when appropriate;

§  to disseminate the Opinions as widely as possible among the relevant national authorities, academia and the public at large (by making them available on the internet, libraries, through presentations at seminars and conferences, etc.);

§  in the countries where English or French are not spoken, to organise the translation of the CCPE Opinions into national languages and to submit them to the Secretariat to be further posted on the CCPE web-page;

§  to submit the CCPE Opinions to national associations of prosecutors (if any) and academia;

§  to encourage, by forwarding them in due time appropriate information,  the national relevant ministries and Permanent Representations to the Council of Europe to consider favorably the CCPE Opinions at the sessions of the Committee of Ministers;

§  to encourage, by providing them in due time, through the Secretariat and national members, appropriate information, other relevant Council of Europe's committees the CCPE Opinions to consider favorably the CCPE Opinion at the at the meetings of these committees, in particular the European Committee of Crime Problems (CDPC) and European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ).

2) for the President of the CCPE:

§  to encourage, at highest possible level, the representation of national prosecution services at the CCPE's activities (plenary meetings, working groups, conferences, etc);

§  at the request of the Secretariat and within the budgetary availabilities, to introduce the work of the CCPE at events organised by other national or international bodies.

3) for the CCPE Secretariat:

§  to post Opinions translated into national languages on the CCPE web-site;

§  to send Opinions to and/or notify their adoption (indicating appropriate links to the texts on the CCPE official web-site) to the international organisations concerned, in particular, the UNODC, the International Association of Prosecutors, the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Coordination Council of the CIS Prosecutors General, the Shanghai Organization of Co-operation;

§  jointly with the President of the CCPE, to support consideration of the CCPE Opinions by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in order to ensure the implementation of the recommendations they contain;

§  in order to avoid the adoption of contradicting decisions by various Council of Europe's bodies, to encourage those bodies (for example the European Committee on Legal Co-operation, the European Committee on Crime Problems, the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, the Venice Commission) to request, in their working groups or sub-committees, the participation of CCPE representatives;

§  to maintain good relations of co-operation with other committees or bodies of the Council of Europe in order to strengthen synergies.