Zaunegger v. Germany, 3 December 2009: “Custody rights of a father over his daughter born out of wedlock, in Germany”.

·         discrimination against the father of a child born out of wedlock, by comparison with divorced fathers and married fathers being separated and having initially obtained the right of joint custody of their child, owing to the domestic courts’ refusal to award him joint custody of his daughter (Art. 8 ECHR + Art. 14 ECHR) – [violation].

See also Elsholz v. Germany, 13 July 2000; Hoffmann v. Germany, 11 October 2001; Sahin v. Germany, 8 July 2003; Sommerfeld v. Germany, 8 July 2003; Görgülü v. Germany, 26 February 2004; Lebbink v. Netherlands, 1st June 2004; Zawadka v. Poland, 23 June 2005; Bove v. Italy, 30 June 2005; Reigado Ramos v. Portugal, 22 November 2005; Adam v. Germany, 4 December 2008.