Council of Europe inquiry into rendition flights and secret detentions in Europe: Secretary General publishes additional responses received from governments

Strasbourg, 14.06.2006 - A report related to allegations of rendition flights and illegal detentions has been published today by Terry Davis, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, as a part of his inquiry under Article 52 of the European Convention on Human Rights.  This procedure is parallel to the investigation conducted by Senator Dick Marty on behalf of the Council of Europe‚Äôs Parliamentary Assembly.

37 of the 46 Council of Europe member states were asked to clarify and complement the information already submitted in response to the questionnaire of 21 November 2005, in which the Secretary General requested explanations about the effective implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights with respect to activities of national and foreign intelligence services and aircraft which may be used for rendition purposes.  The governments were also asked to provide information on possible involvement of public officials and the official investigations into allegations of unacknowledged detention or rendition flights.

The replies from the governments and the analysis are available on the Council of Europe web site. The Secretary General will shortly make recommendations to the Council of Europe governments on specific legal measures to be taken at national and European level in order to reinforce the existing protection against rendition, illegal detention and the outsourcing of torture.

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