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Ref. CG-PR 085 (2013)

World Forum for Democracy: Connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age

Strasbourg, 25.11.2013 - The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will participate in several thematic workshops (LAB) as part of the World Forum for Democracy to be held from 27 to 29 November 2013 in the Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg (France). The Congress contributions will hinge on the following themes: Alternatives to representative democracy – Towards democracy 2.0 – Governing with the citizens.

On 28 November Tracey Simpson-Laing (United Kingdom, SOC), Councillor of the City of York and member of the Congress, will speak in LAB 2 “Online petitions and campaigning” and Andreas Kiefer, Secretary General of the Congress, will moderate LAB 8 “Virtual Agora”. Discussions will concern the legitimacy and effectiveness of online petition tools not connected to institutions (LAB 2) and the new avenues offered by the Internet for creating a virtual Agora or town hall to debate matters of public interest (LAB 8).

On 29 November Andris Jaunsleinis (Latvia, ILDG), municipal councillor of Ventspils and head of the Latvian delegation to the Congress will speak in LAB 14 “Participatory budgeting”, aimed at examining how successful participatory budgeting is in fostering dialogue and trust between citizens and authorities. In addition, the rapporteurs of LAB 12 “Put your money where your heart is” and LAB 15 “Digital local democracy” will be, respectively, Andrée Buchmann (France, SOC), Regional Councillor of Alsace and member of the Congress, and Clemens Lammerskitten (Germany, EPP/CCE), Member of the Niedersachsen Parliament and Vice-President of the Congress. They will present the plenary session with the conclusions of these two labs whose discussions will concern the tools and the methods for enhancing citizen participation.

Venue :

Palais de l’Europe (Strasbourg, France)

LAB 2 (Room 2) – LAB 8 (Room 10) – LAB 12 (Room 2) – LAB 14 (Room 6) – LAB 15 (Room 7)

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The Congress has two chambers, the Chamber of Local Authorities and the Chamber of Regions.
It brings together 318 full and 318 substitute members representing more than 200 000 European territorial communities.
President of the Congress: Herwig Van Staa (Austria, EPP/DC), President of the Chamber of Regions: Nataliya Romanova (Ukraine, IDLG), President of the Chamber of Local Authorities: Jean-Claude Frécon (France, SOC)
Political Groups: Socialist Group (SOC), Group of the European People’s Party – Christian Democrats (EPP/CD), Independent and Liberal Democrat Group (ILDG), European Conservatives & Reformists Group  (ECR)