Monitoring of Malta:  Congress Rapporteur welcomes the commitment to ratify remaining articles of the Local Self-Government Charter

Strasbourg, 23.06.2010 – “The local government reform in Malta, launched with the Local Councils Act in 2009, must be pursued,” Emil Calota (Romania, SOC), Rapporteur of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, stated at the end of the monitoring visit to the country from 21 to 23 June 2010.

He welcomed the reform efforts undertaken by the Maltese authorities and their determination to review the country’s commitments with regard to the European Charter of Local Self-Government by ratifying the remaining articles before the end of 2010. He pointed out, however, that after 17 years of local self-government, local councils should be given greater responsibilities as well as the necessary resources and training for their capacity-building. The Rapporteur also called on the national government to consider adopting a special status for the capital city of Valletta, in line with its distinct and important role among the 68 local councils in Malta.

Following meetings with several groups of mayors from the islands of Malta and Gozo, Mr Calota stressed that “this young generation of Maltese local politicians have the energy and determination to shoulder real responsibilities and lead reform in Malta for better governance in their communities.”

Following the visit, a report will be submitted to the Congress’ Institutional Committee at one of its meetings in 2010.


Malta ratified the European Charter of Local Self-Government in 1993. The Congress’ latest recommendation on the situation of local democracy in Malta was adopted in November 2002. In March 2009, the Congress held an exchange of views with Chris Said, Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Consumers, Fair Competition, Local Councils and Public Dialogue.