Nuremberg wins the 2007 Europe Prize

Strasbourg, 01.06.2007 – The 2007 Europe Prize has been awarded to the German town of Nuremberg in Germany. The decision was taken unanimously by the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) meeting today in Paris.

This Bavarian town developed fourteen twinnings throughout the world, nine of them in Europe, supported by ten twinning committees but also by numerous associations and volunteers. Nuremberg’s International Relations Office, which co-ordinates all twinning activities, estimated that more than 55,000 people had been involved in more than 5,000 twinning activities since 1991.

Nurembergorganises many conferences and exhibitions and also attaches great importance to all that concerns human rights by awarding an International Human Rights Prize every two years. Nuremberg also hosts cultural events like the International Organ Week and the World Music Festival.

Nuremberg, which was already awarded the Flag of Honour in 1999 and the Plaque of Honour in 2002, is the fourteenth German town to receive this award.

Created by PACE in 1955, the Europe Prize is the highest distinction that can be bestowed on a European town for its actions in the European domain. The prize consists of a trophy, a medal, a diploma and a scholarship to be spent on a study visit within Europe for young people from the winning town.

* * *

The Plaque of Honour, which is the second highest distinction after the Europe Prize, was awarded to eight municipalities:

France              Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire (Loire-Atlantique)

Germany           Eppstein (Hessen) 

                        Gau-Algesheim (Rhineland-Palatinate)

                        Sinzing (Bavaria) 

Poland              Bytom(woj. Śłąskie) 

Russia              Yaroslavl 

Spain                Murcia (Murcia region)

Sweden            Vara (Västergötland Province)

The Flag of Honour was awarded to 18 municipalities this year:

Austria              Wagna (Styria)

Belgium            Evergem (Flanders)

France              Aixe-sur-Vienne (Haute-Vienne) (together with Grosshabersdorf (D)

                        Granville (Manche)


Germany               Amberg/Opf. (Bavaria)

                Großhabersdorf (Bavaria) (together with Aixe-sur-Vienne (F)

                Gunzenhausen (Bavaria)

                Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg (Bavaria)

                Nordwalde (North-Rhine Westphalia)

                Oppenheim (Rhineland-Palatinate)

                Ottersweier (Baden-Wurttemberg)

                Wadersloh (North-Rhine Westphalia)

Lithuania               Alytus (Dzukija region)


Poland                  Białogard (woj. Zachodniopomorskie)

                Ogrodzieniec (woj. Śłąskie)

Romania               Satu Mare

United Kingdom    Verwood and Three Legged Cross (Dorset)

24 municipalities were granted the European Diploma:

Bulgaria                Kavarna

France                  Amilly (Loiret)

                            Andrésy (Yvelines)

                Plaisir (Yvelines)

Germany               Aspach (Baden-Wurttemberg)

                            Harpstedt (Lower Saxony)

                            Kamen (North-Rhine Westphalia)

                            Kerpen (North-Rhine Westphalia)

                            Puchheim (Bavaria)

Italy                      Follonica (Grossetto)

                            Russi (Ravenna)

Lithuania               Birzai (Panevezys County)

                            Kedainiai (Kaunas County)

                            Šiauliai (Siauliai County)

Poland                  Gołuchów (woj. Wielkopolskie)

                            Kędzierzyn-Koźle (woj. Opolskie)

                            Łącko (woj. Małopolskie)

                            Leśnica (woj. Opolskie)

                            Lublin (woj. Lubelskie)

                            Środa Śląska (woj. Dolnośłąskie)

Russia                  Vladimir

Sweden                 Borgholm (Öland Island)

Switzerland            Fribourg (Canton of Fribourg)

United Kingdom    Rushmoor B.C. (Hampshire)