Strasbourg, 18.03.2009

Council of Europe Congress to observe local elections

in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

Date: 20-23 March 2009

Location: Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Struga, Strumica (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

Description: The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will observe the local elections in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, on Sunday 22 March. The Congress delegation will be headed by Ludmila Sfirloaga (Romania, SOC), President of the Congress Chamber of Regions. As part of the co-operation between the Council of Europe and the European Union, the election observation delegation will include three members of the EU Committee of the Regions.

Prior to election day, the delegation will meet with Musa Xhaferi, Minister of Local Self-Government of “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. There will be encounters with all the candidates running for the election of the Mayor of Skopje. Further discussions are planned with representatives of international organisations, of NGOs monitoring the election campaign and with the media.

This mission is carried out in the framework of a larger Council of Europe election observation action, which includes monitoring of the presidential elections on the same day by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

A joint press conference is scheduled on Monday 23 March at 2 pm in the Alexander Palace Hotel, Skopje. This press conference will gather all the international organisations involved in the observation of both the presidential and local elections.

Members of the delegation:


- Ludmila Sfirloaga, President of the Chamber of Regions, President of Councillor, Prahova County Council (Romania, SOC, R) – Head of Delegation

- Paolo Rondelli, Municipal councillor of San Marino, (San Marino, SOC, L) - Rapporteur

- Ott Kazuri, Mayor of Harku Municipality, (Estonia, ILDG, L)

- Viacheslav Rogov, Head, City of Pokrov (Vladimir Region), (Russian Federation, ILDG, L)

- Hanna Richtermocova, Deputy Mayor, City of Horice, (Czech Republic, NR, L)

- Rositsa Yanakieva, Mayor of Pernik municipality, (Bulgaria, SOC, L)

EU Committee of the Regions

- Doreen Huddart, (UK/ALDE), Member of Newcastle City Council

- Josepy Cordina, (MT/PES), Mayor of Xaghra

- Martin Heatley, (UK/EPP), Member of Warwickshire County Council

- Uno Silberg, Vice-President of Committee of the Regions

Congress Secretariat

- Jean-Philippe Bozouls, Head of Service I, Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Local Authorities 

- Laurence Dadoun, Deputy to the Head of the Co-ordination and Management Division of the Congress, Co-ordination of election observation

- Gordana Tetchner, Assistant

Council of Europe Office in Skopje

Gjorgji Jovanovski, Director, tel. +389 2 3123616, fax +389 2 3123617,