Congress monitoring mission: Municipalities of Slovenia demand the creation of regions

Strasbourg, 12.11.2010 - «It has been very interesting to hear this from all sides: Slovenian municipalities demand the creation of regional authorities in their country,» said Congress Rapporteur Jos Wienen (Netherlands, EPP/CD) at the end of the monitoring mission to Slovenia, from 8 to 10 November 2010. «Untill now it was impossible to reach a political consensus on the number of regions, although the regionalisation of Slovenia might make up for the fragmentation of municipalities and contribute to attracting resources for investments. I think it is necessary to solve this issue and to reach a political compromise,» he added.

The delegation noted that the financing of local governments in Slovenia has been improved through continuous reforms since 2006, which enabled municipalities to perform better their main tasks. At the same time, matching the increase of municipal responsibilities with commensurate resources remained a critical point, in particular with regard to the situation of the capital city, Ljubljana.

The delegation also noted the existing problems with the Roma minority, as in many European countries, while taking note of the landmark decision by the Slovenian Constitutional Court regarding the Roma representation in municipal councils. «I was impressed by the importance given by the Constitutional Court to the European Charter of Local Self Government as far local democracy issues are concerned. The Court referred to it in more than 30 judgements,» pointed out Congress Rapporteur Merita Jegeni Yildiz (Turkey, EPP/CD).

The Rapporteurs were also impressed by good practices for Roma integration in the city of Murska Sobota.