27 – 28 February 2013


Congress delegation


Mr Nigel MERMAGEN                         Co-rapporteur on local democracy

Member of the Monitoring Committee of the Congress

Chamber of Local Authorities, ILDG[1]

South Somerset District Councillor, United Kingdom


Mrs Helena PIHLAJASAARI                 Co-rapporteur on regional democracy

Member of the Monitoring Committee of the Congress

Chamber of Regions, SOC[2]

Chairperson of the Board of Central Finland Regional Council,

Vice-Chair of Municipal Council of Laukaa (Finland)

Congress Secretariat:

Mr Jean-Philippe BOZOULS                Executive Secretary, Head of Department, Chamber of Local                               Authorities, Table Office and Statutory Committees of the Congress

Ms Sedef CANKOÇAK                       Co-Secretary of the Monitoring Committee of the Congress


Consecutive interpretation will be provided from/into English and Georgian.


Ms Natia Porchkidze

Ms Mara Tsakadze

TUESDAY, 26 February 2012

Meeting with His Excellency Mr Mikheil SAAKASHVILI, President of Georgia

WEDNESDAY, 27 February 2012

Meeting with  Mr George UGULAVA, Mayor of Tbilisi

Meeting with Mr David USUPASHVILI, Chairman of the Parliament

Meeting with the members of the Georgian National delegation to the Congress

- Mr Mamuka Abuladze, President

- Mr George Tkemaladze

- Ms Sevdia Ugrekhelidze

- Ms Tatiana Bokuchava, Secretary of the Georgian Delegation to the Congress

Meeting with the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG)

- Mr David MELUA, Executive Director (and GIE expert)

- Mrs Tsaro SADZAGLISHVILI, Member of NALAG Executive Board, Head of Dusheti Municipality

- Mr Zaal SAMADASHVILI - Head of the Tbilisi City Assembly

- Mr David TOPURIA - Head of Abasha Minicipality

- Mr Irakli CHAVLEISHVILI, Head of Batumi Minicipality

- Mrs Inga ZAMBAKHIDZE, Head of Sackhere Minicipality

- Mr Zakaria KINKLADZE, Head of Akhmeta Minicipality

- Mr David RAZMADZE, Head of Gori Minicipality

- Mr Soso EGUTIA, Member of Tbilisi City Assembly

- Mr Lasha IMEDASHVILI, Member of Tbilisi City Assembly

Joint Meeting with the Mayors of Martvili, Tetriskaro and Tsalka

- Mr Zaal GOROZIA - Head of Martvili Municipality

- Mr George MESTVIRISHVILI, Head of Tetritskaro Municipality

- Mr David MACHITIDZE, Head of Tsalka Municipality

THURSDAY, 28 February 2012

Meeting with Prime Minister Mr Bidzina IVANISHVILI

Meeting with Mr Tengiz SHERGELASHVILI, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia

Meeting with the Chair and members of the Parliamentary Committee concerning Local Government

- Mr Irakli TRIPOLSKI, Chairman Regional Policy, Self-Government and Mountainous Regions’ Committee

- Mr George ZHORZHOLIANI, Deputy Head (Ruling Majority)
- Mr George TEVDORADZE, Deputy head (Opposition)

Meeting with Ms Tania van Dijk, Deputy Head of Office, Council of Europe Office in Georgia

[1] ILDG: Independent and Liberal Democrat Group

[2] SOC: Socialist Group of the Congress