Strasbourg, 26-28 October 2010

Municipal Elections in Georgia (30 May 2010)

Resolution 311 (2010)[1]

1. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities takes note of the Preliminary Draft Recommendation regarding the Municipal Elections in Georgia of 30 May 2010 and mandates the Institutional Committee with the supervision of the post-electoral process. The Congress:

a. refers to its Resolution 306(2010) of 18 June 2010 concerning observation of local and regional elections which stipulates - in respect of Congress recommendations and resolutions arising from observation reports - that if no progress is achieved after one year, the Congress can decide to request, if applicable, an opinion of the Venice Commission, and to ask the Parliamentary Assembly to consider the issue under the monitoring process;[2]


b. asks the Committee of Ministers to take note of the present recommendation and its explanatory memorandum, and to transmit it to the relevant bodies in the intergovernmental sector of the Council of Europe, to the Venice Commission, the Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs, the CPT, GRECO and the Commissioner for Human Rights;

c. invites the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to take account of the above recommendation in its procedures for monitoring Georgia’s commitments and undertakings;

d. in the light of the afore-mentioned Resolution 306(2010), affirms its interest to strengthen co-operation with other international elections observers, notably with OSCE/ODIHR. With the aim to optimise working relations with other institutions in the framework of International Election Observation Missions (IEOM), the Congress will consider proposing to deploy staff to take part in pre-election missions of other institutions (e.g. in ODIHR long-term election observation missions).

[1] Debated and adopted by the Congress on 27 October 2010, 2nd Sitting (see Document CG(19)8, explanatory memorandum), rapporteur : G. KRUG, Germany (R, SOC).