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SG/Inf(2000)23-Add (restricted) 20 June 2000

Final List of Participants on the Seminar on

Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights

Vladikavkaz, 30-31 May 2000

Definitive version


Seminar on Democracy,

rule of law and human rights

(30-31 May 2000, Vladikavkaz)

Russian Federation

Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

- CHAYKA                                              - Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

  Yuriy Yakovlevich

- ZABARCHUK                                      - Head of the Private Office of the Minister

  Yevgeniy Leonidovich

- IVANOV                                                - Head of the External Relations Department of

  Yuriy Vitalyevich                                      the Ministry

Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation

- ZUBOV                                                  - Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian

  Igor Nikolayevich                                     Federation

- LASHIN                                                 - Deputy head of the International Relations

  Sergey Ivanovich                                      Directorate of the Ministry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

- VDOVIN                                                - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,

  Andrey Valentinovich                               Permanent Representative of the Russian

                                                                     Federation to the Council of Europe

- VLADYCHENKO                                - Executive Secretary of the Russian Federation

  Aleksandr Ivanovich                                 Inter-agency Commission on Council of Europe

                                                                     affairs, Deputy Director of the Department of

                                                                     Pan‑European Co-operation

- ORLOV                                                  - Deputy Director of the Ministry Department for

  Valeriy Yakovlevich                                 links with subjects of the Federation, Parliament

                                                                     and political organisations

- KAPYRIN                                              - Counsellor at the Ministry Department of

  Igor Nikolayevich                                     Pan‑European Co-operation

Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

- MEZHERIKOV                                     - Head of the Ministry Department responsible

  Vasiliy Andreyevich                                 for re‑establishing the education system in the

                                                                     Chechen Republic

Ministry of Affairs of the Federation and Nationalities of the Russian Federation

- DULAYEV                                            - Head of the North Caucasus Department

  Kazbek Muldarovich

- BASTANZHIYEVA                             - Adviser to the First Deputy Minister

  Svetlana Aleksandrovna

- KHOPERSKAYA                                 - Representative of the Ministry in the Rostov oblast

Larisa Lvovna

- KHARCHENKO                                   - Deputy representative of the Ministry in the Rostov

  Viktor Alekseyevich                                 oblast

Federal Migrations Service of the Russian Federation

- SHISHKAREV                                      - Deputy Head of the Directorate of Forced Migrant

  Gennadiy Viktorovich                              Affairs and Co-ordination of Activities of the

                                                                     Regional Organs of the Federal Migrations


State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

- GOSTEV                                                - Member of the Health and Sport Committee of the

  Ruslann Georgiyevich                               State Duma, Member of the Parliamentary

                                                                     Assembly Parliamentary Assembly of the Council

                                                                     of Europe

- POSPELOV,                                          - Acting Head of Secretariat of the International

  Vasiliy Borisovich                                     Affairs Committee of the State Duma

Human Rights Commissioner for the Russian Federation

- MIRONOV                                            - Human Rights Commissioner of the Russian

  Oleg Orestovich                                        Federation

- FEYZUKHANOV                                 - Head of the International Section of the

  Rashid Saibovich                                      Administration of the Human Rights

                                                                     Commissioner of the Russian Federation

- KALAMANOV                                     - Special Representative of the President of the

Vladimir Avdashevich                                Russian Federation for ensuring human and

                                                                     civil rights and freedoms in the Chechen Republic

- PEREPELKINA                                    - Chief Expert in the Administration of the Special

  Larisa Ivanovna                                         Representative

Russian Federation Presidential Human Rights Committee

- KARTASHKIN                                     - Chairman of the Committee

  Vladimir Alekseyevich

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

- DEMIDOV                                             - Plenum Secretary, Supreme Court Judge

  Vladimir Venediktovich

Prokurator General of the Russian Federation

- ADAMOV                                              - Deputy Head of the Chief Directorate of the

  Sergey Ivanovich                                      Prokurator General of the Russian Federation for

                                                                     the supervision of the application of laws

                                                                     concerning federal security and inter-ethnic

                                                                     relations in the North Caucasus

Subjects of the Russian Federation

North Caucasus region

Republic of Adygeya

- MINKOV                                               - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education,

  Mikhayl Maksimovich                               science and inter-ethnic relations of the State

                                                                     Council of Adygeya

- KONKOV                                              - Minister for Inter-ethnic Relations and Socio-

  Nikolay Vasilevich                                    political Forecasting of the Republic of Adygeya

Republic of Dagestan

- SHAPIYEVA                                         - Minister of Justice of the Republic

  Olga Gasanovna

- DAVUDOV                                           - Deputy Minister of Justice

Sabir Kuziyevich

- ALIMURZAYEV                                  - Deputy Minister of Justice, Chief judicial official

  Magomet-Kamil Khanmurzayevich

Republic of Ingushetiya

- NALGIYEV                                           - Chairman of the People's Assembly/Parliament of

  Azamat Aziyevich                                     the Republic of Ingushetiya Committee on inter-

                                                                     nationality and international relations and links             with religious and social organisations

- CHAPANOV                                         - Minister of Justice of the Republic of Ingushetiya

  Kazbek Borisovich

Kabardino-Balkar Republic

- GELYAKHOV                                      - President of the Constitutional Court of the

  Abdulakh Sagitovich                                Republic

- DUMANOV                                           - Director of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies of

  Khasan Mukhtarovich                               the Republic

- MAIROV                                               - President of the Supreme Court of the Republic

Yuriy Khamedovich

- KETOV                                                  - Prokurator of the Republic

Yuriy Maksidovich

Republic of North Ossetiya-Alania

- DZASOKHOV                                      - President of the Republic of North Ossetiya-

  Aleksandr Sergeyevich                             Alaniya

- MAMSUROV,                                       - Prime Minister of the Republic of North Ossetiya-

  Taymuraz Dzhambekovich                        Alaniya

- KESAYEV                                             - Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North

  Stanislas Magometovich                           Ossetiya-Alaniya

- KUSOV,                                                 - Minister for Nationality Affairs and External

  Taymuraz Elmurzayevich                          Relations of the Republic of North Ossetiya-


- KOZAYEV                                            - Minister of Justice of the Republic of North

  Valeriy Kuzmich                                       Ossetiya-Alaniya

- SIDAKOV                                             - Chairman of the Presidential Human Rights

  Yuriy Sultanovich                                     Committee of the Republic of North Ossetiya-


- BEDOYEV                                            - First Deputy Minister for Situations of Emergency

  Ruslan Aleksandrovich                             of the Republic of North Ossetiya-Alaniya

- TSALIYEV                                            - Professor, Member of Parliament of the Republic

  Aleksandr Mikhaylovich                           of North Ossetiya-Alaniya

- KAIROV                                                - Member of Parliament of the Republic of North

  Vyacheslav Mussayevich                          Ossetiya-Alaniya

- TISHAYEV                                            - First Deputy Prokurator of the Republic of North

  Viktor Nikolayevich                                  Ossetiya-Alaniya

- TSAKHILOV                                         - Head of the Migration Service of the Republic of

  Kazbek Nikolayevich                                North Ossetiya-Alaniya

Chechen Republic

- DENIYEV                                              - Acting Head of the Temporary Administration of

  Yakub Ilyasovich                                      the Chechen Republic

- BUZURTANOV,                                   - Assistant to the Acting Head of the Temporary

  Beksultan Akhmetovich                            Administration of the Chechen Republic

- KURAZOVA                                         - Director of Secondary School no. 1, Gudermes

  Malika Ismailovna

- VAGAPOV                                            - Head of Secretariat of the Temporary

  Suleyman Gelaniyevich                             Administration of the Chechen Republic

- GAYRIBEKOVA                                  - Head of Administration of the Nozhay-Yurtovskiy

  Isita Magomedovna                                  rayon

- BASKHANOV,                                     - Head of the Regional Judicial Authorities of the

  Bek Movsarovich                                      Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic

- DZHAMALKHANOV                          - Head of the Section responsible for work on public

  Badrudin Saypudinovich                          security structures of the Temporary

                                                                     Administration of the Chechen Republic

- SALAMOV                                            - Head of the Section responsible for work with

  Khamzat Amsatovich                                religious communities of the Temporary

                                                                     Administration of the Chechen Republic, Alim

- MUNAYEV                                           - Representative of the Russian Ministry of Affairs

  Ismail Bulachiyevich                                 of the Federation and of Nationalities in the

                                                                     Chechen Republic

- SIGAURI                                               - Head of the Science, Education and Culture

  Illes Mutusovich                                        Section of the Temporary Administration of the

                                                                     Chechen Republic

- SHAIPOVA                                           - Chief Expert in the Temporary Administration of

  Lora Makhmudovna                                  the Chechen Republic

- AKHMETKHANOVA                          - Head medical consultant of the Nadterechniy rayon

  Berlant Shamkhanovna

- IDRISOVA                                            - Temporarily displaced person

Ayna Yefimovna

Council of Europe

- Hans-Peter FURRER                             - Director General of Political Affairs (personal

                                                                     representative of the Secretary General of the

                                                                     Council of Europe)

- Alvaro GIL-ROBLES                            - Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner

- Guy DE VEL                                          - Director General of Legal Affairs

- Kristina OJULAND                               - Member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary


- Owen MASTERS                                   - Member of the Congress of Local and Regional

                                                                     Authorities of Europe

- Gabriella BATTAINI-DRAGONI         - Director of Social Affairs and Health

- Ekkehart MULLER-RAPPARD            - Director of the Office of the Council of Europe

                                                                     Human Rights Commissioner

- Sergey BELYAEV                                 - Legal adviser to the Council of Europe Human

                                                                     Rights Commissioner

- Petr SICH                                               - Secretary of the Political Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly

- Jiri VOGL                                               -Head of Political Advice Department,

                                                                  Directorate General of  Political Affairs

- Jeremy MOAKES                                   - Adviser in the Directorate General of Political


- Vladimir PYATIN                                  - Special Adviser to the Secretary General

- Guido RAIMONDI                                - State Counsel at the Italian Court of Cassation;

                                                                      Chair of the Council of Europe’s Steering

                                                                     Committee on Human Rights

- Agnès LALARDRIE                             - Special Adviser in the Directorate General of Legal


- Mark NEVILLE                                     - Head of the Division for Human Rights

                                                                     Co‑operation and Awareness

- Joseph SHIELS                                      - Head of the Education Division

- Ulrich BOHNER                                    - Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Congress of

                                                                     Local and Regional Authorities of Europe

- Andrew GROTRIAN                             - Judge in the Bosnian Human Rights Chamber

- Alessandro MANCINI                           - Administrator, Directorate General of Legal Affairs

- Michel LESAGE                                    - Professor at Paris I University

Representatives of international organisations

- Heidi TAGLIAVINI                              - Personal representative of the OSCE Chairperson-

                                                                     in-office for the Caucasus

- Julian EBERHARD                                - Secretary to the OSCE Chairperson-in-office for

                                                                     the Caucasus

- Ian GORVIN                                          - Head of the Monitoring and Public Affairs Section

                                                                     of the ODIHR

- Jaroslav PIETRUSIEWICZ                   - Senior Mission Liaison Officer of the OSCE

                                                                     Conflict Prevention Centre

- Herbert KUSNIERZ                              - Member of the OSCE Assistance Group to


- Tatyana BOKAREVA                           - Member of the European Commission Delegation

                                                                     to Moscow

- Tore BORRESEN                                  - Head of the United Nations UNHCR Field Office

- Catherine DELMAN                              - Co-ordinator of the International Committee of the

                                                                     Red Cross

Non-governmental organisations

- ZORIN                                                   - Member of the National Public Commission for

  Vladimir Yuryevich                                  investigating human rights violations and

                                                                     monitoring human rights in the North Caucasus

- BYKOVSKIY                                        - Advisor to Mr Zorin, of the National Public

  Vladislav Ivanovich                                  Commission

- GRIGORYANTS                                   - "Glasnost" Public Foundation

Sergey Ivanovich

- BOGOSLOVSKIY                                - "Glasnost" Public Foundation

Yuriy Aleksandrovich

- PETRAKOVA                                       - International Human Rights Society

Svetlana Gennadiyevna

- KASATKINA                                        - "Memorial"

  Tatyana Ivanovna

- ISAYEV                                                 - "Federation of Peace and Accord"

  Magomed Izmalovich

- KATSAROVA Mariana                         - "Amnesty International"


- Fatima SALKAZANOVA                     - Radio France International