Note 1 As defined by ISO 9092.
Note 2 Examples: Mineral coated papers and their components, including polymeric binders in the coating formula, are subject to this resolution. The plastic layer, or a layer of any other material, such as aluminium, waxes or paraffins in contact with foodstuffs, of a coated or laminated paper is excluded from this resolution. The paper behind the layer is not subject to this resolution if it can be shown that the layer is a functional barrier.
Note 3 A functional barrier is any integral layer which under its normal or foreseeable conditions of use reduces all possible material transfers (permeation and migration) from any layer beyond the barrier into food to a toxicologically and organoleptically insignificant and to a technologically unavoidable level.
Note 4 Products with a weight to surface area ratio of 500 g/m2 and above (BgVV Chapter XXXVI/1 –
Note Papers and filter beds for use in boiling and hot-filtering).
Note 5 Tissue paper kitchen towels and napkins are covered by specific guidelines.
Note 6 Synthetic fibres should comply with EU Directive 90/128/EEC.
Note 8 The SML restrictions are those set by the Commission of the European Communities in its directives relating to plastic materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.